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When does she starts disrespect her husband? What to do when a woman doesn't repect you? How can you earn her respect and love back?
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When a woman disrespects her man there is always a concrete reason for her to do that. it is not easy for a woman to disrespect her man, so if she does the only practical thing for the man to do is come out and clean and ask for forgiveness. she may not forgive you immediately, but she will eventually if she sees you were truly remorseful.

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A woman just doesn't lose respect for her husband just that way.There are very good reasons behind that and some of them include

1.)she's earning pretty good salary unlike her husband and she tends to budget for the house stuff most of the times.

2.)You're misbehaving maybe she knows you are cheating on her and so she's bitter and feels like you're just a no one.

3.)She's getting some peer pressure from her fellow women and she tends to being pressured on how to deal with their husbands but in the wrong way.

The way solution to these is just keep respecting her despite of what she's showing you and with time she'll be worried but that doesn't mean that you're weak.Infact you're intelligent and if the problem persists,then you need to see a counsellor.
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Exactly! You have made a great point on your first suggestion as to why some women would lose their love and respect for their husband. Money is a serious problem or factor in this regard. It takes few women to still respect and love their man when they are earning more than the man.
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I agree with you @ruthmongare, definitely a woman's respect for his man will gone if a man himself did something seriously. And that will affect the entire relationship.
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From a woman's standpoint or point of view, this just doesn't happen overnight. It is more than one reason why this happens and you just didn't see the warning signs before now. 

  1. You have stopped paying attention to her.
  2. After the birth of your child, you are no longer spending quality time with her.
  3. You seem to criticize her all the time and make her feel like she isn't doing enough for you.
  4. You are not taking her feeling into account. If she works and comes in after a bad day, you still expect her to be there for you and the kids. Cook dinner, clean the kitchen, get the kids to bed. You don't help her with this.
  5. You have stopped telling her how beautiful she is and how much you love her.
  6. You don't help around the home on the weekends. You think she is the one who should do all the work at home because a home is a woman's place to take care of.
  7. You stopped spending quality time with her and you start to spend more time with your friends.
  8. When a friend calls, you just get up and leave.
  9. This list can go on and on. It all depends on the things you do now and how you act.
There are ways to fix these issues. But this will take time and a lot of work on your part.
  1. You can set aside one day a week for date night. Spend the evening with your wife. Ask your parents to take the kids for the night. Make her feel special again.
  2. Start telling her how much you love her and what a fantastic Mother she is to the kids.
  3. Get up in the evening and help her with the kids, making dinner, cleaning up the kitchen.
  4. If you get home early, start dinner for her so she doesn't have to do this.
  5. Ask her how her day was, listen to her, comfort her and let her know it will be better tomorrow.
  6. Maybe bring her home a small gift to show her how much you love her.
  7. The major issue is that men feel that the home is only for a woman to clean and take care of. It is not for men to clean, cook, do laundry, or take care of the kids. That is where most men are wrong. Maybe back in the 1800s, it was like this, but you are living in 2018 and both the husband and wife need to work these days to earn enough money for the family. So the home should be the responsibility of both parties and not just the woman. 
  8. Start thinking more about her and all she does, help her out, stay home and take care of the kids instead of going out with the guys.
You are the one who needs to change to win back her love and respect. You can try talking to her to find out what is really troubling her and then work on fixing these issues. 
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A woman may start disrespecting her husband if;

(1) love to her husband fades away. Of cause this can happen. Human beings have ability to change anytime anywhere.

(2) If the woman finds another man who treat her better.

(3) If a man was caught cheating.

If you are a man and you lost your wfe's respect due to any of the second and the third reason. Then you still have a chance to change everything by changing your characters. But if the first reason is true my friend if a woman is no longer interested in you, you can't change that.
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I know how this feels. Sometimes a man can treat a woman really badly and at first it really hurts but after a time we build up a wall to protect ourselves and we gradually find that this lessens the pain. It also makes us see how pathetic the man is being and how he doesn't deserve us. I think at that point a woman loses all respect for a man and wonders what she ever saw in him.

It's sad when a relationship reaches this point and we have to ask ourselves if this is what we really want or should we move on and find someone who will really appreciate us.
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A woman loses respect for a man when he stops to respect for her, stops to respect himself and stops being the man that she fell in love with. Everything that a man used to be makes a woman respect him and when he falls out of that, the love she has for him gradually diminishes. He needs to trace his steps back carefully and this can be very difficult because sometimes you can't get back the things you lose and when you do, it is not the same. 

He needs to have a good talk with her about what exactly could be the cause. Identifying the problem makes it halfway solved. He needs to listen to her, put her first, understand her, check himself and go back to doing the things and the person he used to be. Further more, it "takes two to tango." The woman needs to reevaluate herself too. She could be the trigger. If she's probably lacking in some aspects, that could have prompted him to start acting up. In essence both of them have to go back into time. 
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I have to say that even though my mother didn't talk about it, she lose her respect to my father when he starts to stay at home. He didn't even tried to look for work and help her to provide for the family. Instead of working, he started to be alcoholic and he seems depress. He started to look he can't be a father to a family. But anyway, that is a history because my father regained himself, look for a small odd jobs and earning money sometimes. When he is at home, he cooks for us and it was very good. He became a father again by giving us advises in life and supporting us in every decision we share to him. I guess a man can regain the trust of a woman when he is executing his promise and not fooling himself and her from the promises because he will just damage his reputation.
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This scenario of a woman losing respect for her man only pops up in a relationship when the man has fall short in living up to his expectations as he ought to as a man. The man that can not perform his manly responsibilities to his woman positioned himself for disrespect from her. A man is known for peculiar qualities, like;

Being able to cater for the woman's needs both materially, emotionally and sexually. If any of these needs is left unmet in a relationship, there is bound to be the woman seeing the man less of a man

Being able to defend the woman physically. Every woman must be protected against attacks of any form from another man. If a man has failed in this aspect, the woman would definitely lose all the respect she once had for him.

Conclusively, for any man to earn and command respect and love from his woman, he must be  up and doing in living up to his expectations by performing his responsibilities towards his woman.
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Naturally women are created to be under men, in return to also respect men.  A woman does not disrespect her man ordinarily. The reasons could be :

The moment a man become irresponsible to the basics need of the family, such that all he does is to donate sperm when the need arises.

When a man lives a life of infidelity, does not respect the opinion his wife and refuses to change for better,  the woman will not have any option than to disrespect the man.

The ways to get love and respect back is for the man should try as much as possible to very truthful to his wife,  respect her opinions. In case the woman earns more than the man,  it doesn't matter,  the man should try to take the basic responsibilities of the family with in the capacity of his earning, no doubt a very responsible woman will respect and support him.
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I do believe that women are very patient when it comes to handling relationships; hence, when a woman totally loses respect for a man, it must be due to a multitude of reasons. During courting, men always put their best foot forward. It's as if they are willing to give everything just to show the woman how much he likes her. But the moment this courtship turns into an actual relationship, the other foot follows. This foot carries with it the true self, along with other unlikeable traits. I'm not saying that this is true for all relationships, though. When you give a woman your time, she values it most and hopes that you will be the same as the relationship progress. Hence, I do think that one of the reasons a woman loses respect is lack of attention for she will think that she isn't part of your priorities.

Moreover, and I think one of the major reasons is being cheated on. This is very painful even for a man. Knowing that you have been pouring your love to the person you value most but on the other end, you've been sharing his love to another woman. Being cheated on also makes a woman doubt herself because this would mean that she has never been enough to deserve his love. Hence, I do think that cheating is never forgivable.
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Respect is reciprocal and I think everyone should abide by that, a man shouldn't down play the partner and expect respect, it might never work that way.

Well,a woman can disrespect her husband for so many reasons ranging from major problems to tinniest of irrelevant issues that would have taken care of before it escalate.

The pertinent questions would be is the man showing any sense of responsibility?

Is he playing his role of a good husband, providing financially and otherwise for the family?
Is he abusive and a violent husband?

Does he look out for the well-being of the wife and general good of the family?

Yes,we know no one is perfect but even then,some husband behaves like tiny devils and don't respect at all.To earn respect back do all the needful.

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