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Over history, there are so many places that have reported ghosts living in buildings or the places being haunted. You will find people who have machines that go to these places and try and record the activity in them to prove they are haunted. A ghost is the spirit of the person who is not at rest and they stay in one place or another because they are trapped there. As for me I have never seen an actual ghost or been to a place that is haunted. I do believe they can exist and it is possible that they are out there. Nobody really knows what happens to us after we die and it is possible that are spirts can remain here on earth for eternity. 
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Ghost are spirits who have passed on, some of them are lost souls wandering about on earth, while others have special mission on earth, but the higher and purer a human being stands while living on earth the less attached he is after life. Purer spirits strive towards heaven after death while heavier spirits manifest as ghost. Though some spirits manifest to give message and warn us of our lifestyles, others are lost due to disbelieve of the message of salvation.  
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At times i tend to think I do believe but at times I don't. I feel like people believing in ghosts is just an illusion. There are those people who tend to think of the unimaginable things and tell these stories to people thus affecting them in the sense that they also tend to think of these ghosts. 

All I know that exists is magic and supernatural creatures. I have also heard some people who use evil powers to transform themselves into weird creatures.
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