How can I maintain the fresh smell in clothes even after one year? Any tips to retain my clothes smell like new one. Is there any freshener or perfume available in the market?
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This sounds funny, the thing is the only way you can keep your clothes smelling fresh is by washing them everytime you wear. There's no two way about it wash and wear. If you want them to smell nice use softeners that will keep the fresh smell on them as long as they are not worn. But you have to wear them right? So follow the routine that everyone follows wash them that's it.

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Put vinegar in the "SOFTENER" dispenser. Vinegar cancels many odors and removes the last of the detergent. Or you can use some kind of conditioners available in the market. Perfumed softness are also a good remedy to keep your clothes fresh and new like.
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ys, that's a good idea
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There is a fabric conditioner like Downy that will keep your clothes fresh and smell good. I have clothes that up to now doesn't lose its freshness and still look partially new. Yes, the color maybe faded a little but it still looks good. There are fabric conditioner that softens the fabric particles of the clothes. Basically this is the one thing that takes care of our clothes. There are even fabric conditioner that softens and gives a very soft perfume and there are fabric conditioner that take care of the strong color of the clothes. I used all that. It works. It take care of my clothes. It still look new. It works for a year, I am not sure if a year or two since too many washes of clothes will make the cotton get thinner. Also, you should not use too strong bar or powdered detergent soap to make the clothes go thin. It wreck the clothes because the strong formula of detergent damage the structure of the cotton. 
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When it comes to clothing's I try to maintain a natural way of handling them  since it what will be on my skin for a very long time.I have a very bad delicate skin that react quickly to chemicals so I try to avoid using so much chemical on it.

Simply put,to keep  clothes from smelling damp, bad or awful even after a year is to wash the clothes thoroughly, risnse them properly and sun dry them property.

Then ironed them and hang them on the  closet don't store the clothes in boxes but hang them so that there will be free flow of air around them and keep them away from the wall.

All you need do after wearing them is apply a little perfume before stepping out and you will oozing the best smell ever and having that original smell on.
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An amazing find for me on the super-market shelves for my clothes was Comfort Fabric Conditioner. It comes in two different fragrances, each with its own scintillating smell. While putting the clothes in the washing machine, post the initial detergent round and first set of rinse, we need to add a small cup of comfort to the clothes.
Once the whole cycle of rinse completes, just take out and sun dry the clothes. Post drying and ironing, one can still smell the very pleasant fragrance of Comfort. It is also a fabric softener in one way and comes in 1 liter pet bottles as well as sachets. You don't have to reuse it during every wash, as the clothes still smell good during next wash cycle.
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There are many different fabric softeners available now which have a lovely fragrance and there are even sweet smelling pieces of material that you can put in the tumble dryer but the best way is to keep your clothes freshly washed. There is nothing nicer that smelling clothes that have just been washed and are still smelling of washing powder/liquid.

I do have another tip which I have found useful. My granddaughter visits a relative who smokes and when she comes home all her clothes, even the ones she has not worn, smell of tobacco which is very unpleasant, I have found that pegging them on the line outside in the fresh air for a while will get rid of any nasty smells and it's a quick fix if you don't have time to wash and dry clothes that just need freshening up.
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It's really nice to wear clothes that is fresh and smells nice. I remember when I was in my teens, I always put fabric softener every last rinse of my clothes. It's not only make it soft but it's rely nice to smell. It will calm you and just enjoy it. However, if you wear it the whole day with too much activities and sweating, it will fade away. especially if you use cheap fabric softener. There are some branded fabric softener that last longer even you wear it the whole day. Always choose the smells of fabric softener that you like, the smells of lavender is really calming and of course it won't hurt your nose if you don't put too much.  Put enough fabric conditioner to a clear water and whisk it with your hand and put all the clothes that has been washed before drying them.
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