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For effective killing of germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gem disease, the only powerful product is called LISTERINE.
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If you are experiencing bad breathe then you first need to see a doctor to check you up, you could be suffering from gum disease which can be dangerous if not taken care of. From there you will know the root cause of the problem, and start dealing with it in the right way. Starting off with different kinds of treatments without visiting a dentist can cause you trouble, or it can escallate the problem. The doctor is able to advice you accordingly and some of the things you are likely to be told are, brushing of teeth twice or thrice a day, using mouthwash twice daily, and then you can also chew sugar free gum to keep your mouth freshened up all the time.
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To get rid mouth bad breathe is always brush your teeth after meal, use mouthwash like Listerine or Colgate right every after brush and you can shew minty bubble gum too. Otherwise, visit your nearest dentist and do the clean u.

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Use neem leaves, make a fresh paste; add table salt and haldi (turmeric) powder rub your teeth and make a mouthwash with warm water using paste (you may avoid salt but turmeric is mandatory). Use it regularly if you have breathing problem. This will work as oral treatment for breath, teeth, smell etc. If not daily, then try two-three days a week.

PS Wash the leaves properly before making paste, fresh and clean paste will be better for it.
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First you should ensure that you brush your teeth oftenly mostly, three times a day after every meal you.The most crucial part when you're brushing your teeth is,ensure that you thoroughly brush your tongue.It usually holds most of the food particles.

Besides that you should always consider the kind of toothpaste that you're using.Some toothpaste don't have the essential requirements of toothpaste and won't put much impact.
Finally, if you do the above and still the problem persists, then you should ensure that after brushing your teeth you chew a refreshing gum.
If none of the above works, then try using these herbal medicines or you can seek more advise from the dentists.
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Normally the odor you are smelling is because of a decaying tooth or teeth. You should make an appointment to visit your dentist and have them repaired. This will stop a lot of the odor you are smelling.

To keep your teeth from smelling you can try the following:

  1. Before brushing your teeth use some hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. You can use it like mouthwash as long as it isn't too strong. 
  2. Move this around in your mouth and you'll feel it bubble up.
  3. Spit this out and brush your teeth.
  4. You can mix some baking soda with hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Use this to brush your teeth.
  5. In the end, if you want to smell a fresher smell you can use mouthwash for the final rinsing of your teeth. 
  6. The most important is to visit your dentist every 6 months to have your teeth checked and cleaned. 
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You can use toothpaste or salt to remove bad smell from your mouth. Salt is usually good but I think it is also corrosive to the mouth. When I use it I often get blood in the water I  spit. It usually clean the teeth and the tongue very well and you will fill fresh all day long.
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I suggest you few ways 

• don't ever use different products available in market

 • just grab some fresh mint leaves and chew it .it is actually a easy and natural way to treat it

• eat carrot, beetroot 

• take proper care ,and just goggle with water whenever you eat something.

Hope the tips help you
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