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Movie is the best evening  entertainment with a ball of popcorns,  it all flows so smoothly.  If you don't have companion  you might consider going  to the cinema.  Also,  raving can be such an awesome entertainment especially  when you're  with your friends. Generally,  any form of entertainment is fun because you're  the one to make it so. 
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Too much of work makes jack a doll boy, this means that we should make time to relax which includes entertainment.  The idea and nature of entertainment should be safe and acceptable under the law otherwise you end up losing your freedom at the expense of jail term. Moderation is the watch word because excess could lead to problem most times. 
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An evening entertainment? Well, doesn't this call for a good movie with a bunch of good food and good company? I think spending your evening with people who can turn bad days into great ones will surely turn out to be one of the best memories. 
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I agree that cinema is the best entertainment. I can choose a film for any mood and company.  The only thing that upset me before was that I couldn't watch some interesting series at a convenient time for me. My friends advised me to use  This is a great resource for finding movies on torrents. I regularly use this service now. I have only a few hours after work and I like to watch new interesting TV shows.
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When I ws young I loved to party, to go out with my friends and dance the night away but now I am older my taste in what represents a good night out has changed.

Now I would much rather go to a restaurant with a few close friends and enjoy good conversation or I might have them over to my house to talk and have a few drinks. We can't party forever but we can spend time with friends in a quieter environment which is just as enjoyable.
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Most of the people choose evening as the best time of entertainment. Because we remain free in the evening. I think enjoying different recipe along with  goosiping with family members is the best idea of evening entertainment
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The evening is the best part of a day. It always give a relaxation to the mind. The best thing I usually do in the evening is a walk while listening to the music. Its the best thing I do during the evening. Apart from the walk I also play some Xbox games during evening. It also refreshes me.
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My evening entertainment's are watching movies, eating my favorite foods, watching web series, Go for a walk with my kid, Cooking, chatting with friends and family. 
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Evening Entertainment is really a good idea. You can go in cinemas with your friends but if you don't want to spend money, the best idea for that is to watch movies with your friends on your room, close the door, turn off the lights, grab that white cheddar cheese popcorn and enjoy. You can also do it by yourself but only if you are brave to wacth horror movies at night alone
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