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Many churches proves to be misleading desperate church goers 

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The prevalence of false prophets in the world can be attributed to various factors such as societal vulnerabilities, human susceptibility to manipulation, and the desire for answers and guidance in uncertain times. False prophets often exploit these vulnerabilities for personal gain, power, or to promote their own agendas. Additionally, the lack of critical thinking, skepticism, and discernment among individuals can contribute to the proliferation of false prophets. It's essential for individuals to cultivate critical thinking skills, seek reliable sources of information, and question claims that seem too good to be true in order to avoid falling victim to deception.
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Thanks for your answer but I was late in searching the church that misled me i have to remove my name

The reason is because behind these false prophets is a demonic spirit called the Jezebel spirit. In the bible, Jezebel was a queen who killed god's prophets and dominated her husband, king Ahab. 

Signs someone is under a jezebel spirit:

* A strong drive to always dominate (to control someone, people, or an animal or animals)

* An unhealthy desire to be in a high position 

Falling quickly into lust (Sin of Lust especially with other people who they're not married to)

Very seductive (in clothing and behavior)

* Always wearing black 

* Committing the sin of Wrath all the time (always angry)

*Refuse to repent 

*Overly obsessed with religion but doesn't have personal relationship with God nor Jesus

*Dominating men (in females under this spirit)

*A strong hate towards god's prophets (God's chosen ones)

* Hate towards women (men under this spirit) so misogynist men

* Red/Yellow eyes or no light in their eyes (signs of a lost soul)

* The person is very sadistic (a love to watch people and animals get hurt and in pain)

* Showing extreme violence (this person loves to get into fights with people)

* Doesn't love animals (even if they own a pet or pets)

* Obsessed with their power and reputation 

* Overly obsessed with their looks and always want to overly look their best (signs of narcissism and signs of this spirt influencing the victim) (so men extreme bodybuilding (taking steroids most of the times) under this spirit and females full makeup, too perfect hair (most times a wig), and extremely seductive clothes under this spirit)

Ways to protect yourself from this spirt:

1. Build a relationship with God the father and Jesus the son.

2. Watch/Read bible stories videos to understand the bible more and get closer to God.

3. Remove yourself from negativity and negative people, completely.

4. Remember to keep the Sabbath (Sunday) holy.

5. Become and practice to be a Proverbs 31(female) 

6. Become and practice to be a godly man (male)

7. Show empathy towards yourself, people, and animals daily.

It's sad to see so much false prophets in the world hindering the light from God's true prophets who carry a light of good. I do also hope to see true prophets come out and preach and fix this world. I do believe they're working in the shadows for protection from the evil of this world. It's truly sad but world peace will come soon. I guess it will just take some time with spiritual warfare and everything else going on now. I do believe people under this spirit are in churches especially some priests.



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