My lower back been hurting a lot lately and I need help fixing the pain.
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The pain in lower back may be due to lifting of high weight or due to incorrect sitting posture. What you need to do is exercise a lot. Always sit in the correct posture, do normal yoga and exercises, do not lift hight weights and always sit where you can find support for back.
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Hello there,

My name is Nesim and I will try to explain to you why your back hurts so much:

Upper and Middle back pain may be caused by: Overuse, Muscle Strain or Injury to the muscles, ligaments and discs that support your spine.

Also even poor posture could cause this pain. You need to walk and sit straight.

Pressure on the spinal nerves from certain problems such as herniated disc.

Those could all be the causes of why your back hurts so much,

But if it's really that tough I would go and visit my doctor. 

Hope this answers your question, and if it does make sure to leave a like so more people can read it through and perhaps resolve the same problem.

Best Regards,

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If your back hurts there are many reasons like joint pain, bone cracking, doing do much work like that. 

Consult with doctor and act accordingly. Otherwise do some home remedies to solve the back pain.
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You need to take care of your health and also look at the ways you sit around. That is what decides your health. And posture is one of the things you need to fix. You need to meet the doctor if this is getting regular. I am sure you can handle it with medicine. 
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The best thing to consider is to find the cause of your low back pain. It is the most common when sitting for a long time and not doing the proper body mechanics. You might consider using them so that you will refrain from having this musculoskeletal condition.
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