Can birds sleep with lights on?


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Birds can sleep with lights on but due to light or any activity it will make the bird awake since its instincts are to stay awake during this time when predators may be present. Also, the birds might be able to sleep while there is noise but the movement will keep the birds on the alert. 
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This should not be an issue because birds can sleep with the lights on. However, they can get noisy during the night hours and it is best to cover their cages with a cover to help them be quiet. If they see lights they feel it is still daytime and can make a lot of noise at night. 
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There are no issues if a bird sleeps with lights on. But for a better quality of sleep birds prefer to sleep in the dark and silent areas. Apart from the light, birds prefer to sleep in the places with no noise.
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They can sleep when the lights on. Since birds are a part of wildlife, they tend to be awakened with instincts to protect themselves from predators. At some point, they need to be awake during the daytime to spot their predators and fly when it is needed.
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Yes bird can sleep with the light on it does mean any thing they just need to sleep anywhere else bird can sleep with the light on and with the light off
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Birds struggle to sleep with the lights on. Some birds have the sleep cycle of 6 pm to 5 am cycle. And they require lights off during this period. If they continue to see the light they try to close the eyes and also get into the alert mode sleep. Which can get easily interupted. 
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I thikn the answer is  yes because light is not effect on birds sleeping, Birds only want a slince place where they can sleep without any distribution
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I think birds need dark sleeping time like us and light and other activities will keep bird awake. This is because the bird's instincts are to stay awake during the day as the predators might be present. 
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Birds don't like shiny objects or anything which have reflective properties. Like humans birds also needs dark sleeping time.
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