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It's still too early to start the decorating process now that we are still in November. 

But I have purchased everything that would be used for the decoration including a Christmas tree. 

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No! For me it just too early for now. I still have many things I am still working on, and so I won't have that time for decoration in preparation for Christmas. I seriously look forward to start decorating my home as soon as possible probably as December sets in. There is nothing I love more than seeing the beautiful display of Christmas decorations. They really get me in an ecstatic mood as I look at them.
Moreover, it has been our family culture to always have our home in top notch shape for Christmas. For this very reason, I won't fall short in also imbibing the tradition which I grew up to respect and practice as well.
Another main reason why I haven't started the decoration is the fear of everything getting messed up before the eventful day. There is this probability of the decorations gathering dusts as well as been ruined by overzealous kids. Owing to this fact, I often like to set things rolling as the main day seems to be pretty closer.
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I see,some people will put decorations earlier than November because for some if it's ber months is Christmas started already.
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I'm looking at starting decorations in my household from at least 2nd week of December.Though normally  I don't start any decorations in my home before December I know we will still use some of the old decorations but I'm thinking of getting new decoration's accessories too to mix and spice up things with the old accessories. So apparently I'm yet to put up the Christmas tree with it's lightening and other accessories.
My kids have been looking forward to it but I still need to hold on till then because I know putting them out early will mean picking them in shreds before the Christmas day because I know my kids would have done justice to some Lol. So I need to suspend the evil day which I know will still come but at least will be very close to the Christmas day.
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No, we haven't started anything. I think it will be hard for us to decorate Christmas at home because we just lost a loved one. We lost a loved one last year and now again, we lost another one. It will be difficult for us to celebrate Christmas. I think my mother will not put any decoration. We treat it as a normal day for sure. Actually, this is the time that I am not believing in anything that could make us happy. I think we can smile and we can laugh, but true happiness is not inside our heart and we will be forever lonely. Anyway, regardless of decorations or not, I think we still not be celebrating Christmas. We rather celebrate new year. I don't plan to buy any decorations too. I rather save my money. For sure we will all be sleeping at Dec 25.
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I am sorry for lost and I hope you find peace and happiness during this Christ birth.
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