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I forgive but can't forget. Have tried forgetting that someone wronged me. At times I tend to think of revenge  as the best way out but according to the biblical teaching, it's never the best way out.
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It will be best to forgive and forget, that is totally throwing away the wrong people did to you, we need forgiveness because daily we hurt others with our thoughts, looks and action, so the same forgiveness we need, same we should give. 
Its hard to forgive but when you do you let go of whats killing you. Anger and resentment doesnt harm anybody except yourself - its self-defeating. So that's the benefit of forgiving. You can choose to hold onto it and suffer or let it go and live into the light. 
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Sometimes but it will take me a bit of time. Last year my granddaughter was bullied by two girls who were supposed to be her friends. It was a very difficult and emotional time for the whole family and it took a long time for me to trust those girls again after the way they made my granddaughter feel. 

I suppose I forgave them because my granddaughter did but at the back of my mind there is still a little bit of doubt so I guess haven't forgotten how horrible it all was.
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Always forgive those who know what is not right. It's the way of life and more so part of our mission. Forgive and love. You don't have to forget but put it way in the past and keep moving forward. Forgiveness will forever be your salvation to harmony and inner peace. <3

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You have to accept forgiveness but you have to be careful next time and take it as a personal lesson of who to trust next. Becoming a forgivable type of person makes your patience more improve and will put you to become less effective to things as it is part of evolution happening within yourself for a better purpose.
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I practice forgiveness for a set of reasons. Sometimes when a person causes you pain, it wasn't really what they intended and they become truly remorseful. Also, when I forgive, I do it for the peace of myself as whole. I can't be carrying around hurt and pain. It drains you. 

Lastly, we are imperfect beings that at some point step on the toes of others too. If we don't forgive, how can forgiveness come to us. 
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Personally, I think forgivess should be given in as much as we seek for it for our own mistakes. For me to practice it, I make it a point to carefully understand and avoid presumptions when analyzing what has happened. Oftentimes, this lead me to arrive at a particular compromise to settle things but it must also be understood that people's feelings and emotions are valid, and therefore there are some mistakes that may take time to be forgiven or may not be forgiven at all.

No matter how empathetic we may be, we still won't get to feel what the person felt when in that situation; hence, we need to understand the reason why he or she cannot forgive a certain act. Perhaps it may be traumatizing or may have involved people other than himself/herself. The thing is, we should not be pressured by society to forgive if we can't because that is a personal battle for us. We may or may not arrive at forgiveness, and I think that's okay. A reason behind things, and sometimes people outside the situation cannot understand that and just rely on their moral compass and their moral obligation to forgive. 
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Yes. Forgiveness. Is a moral excellence. I have been taught. to practice this. quality since my childhood by my elders. Nothing. Is lost by forgiving a person.
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Yes ofcourse...forgiveness is a way to release anger and have peace in our own mind... because if you love them they are in your heart and if you hate them, they are in your mind...

So it's important to totally ignore them from your concerns and release every emotion attached to them, even if it is anger...
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Yes. In my small age, I reacted too much if someone did mistake. But after I realize, there is no use in that. No one perfect in the world. We all do mistakes based on the situation. So forgiveness is the best one. It good for both. 
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