Sometimes ,I find it difficult to convince people with my point of view. What are the ways I can convince them?
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i think it´s better to reach a consensus, not always wins who has a point but who looks more confident, so work on your confidence and manners, people often gets convinced by the way you make them feel not what they hear (by the way some research will help)
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I believe as humans we using our five senses (touching, seeing, hearing, tasting, and smelling) if one can exploit just two of these senses backed with confidence he or she can convince anybody.
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Good communication is the good way to convince one . Good communication means listen and reply. We should listen the opposite and express our point in polite at the same time strong way. 

We should read the other person mentality. Based on that we should start the communication.
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Accept the other person as a fellow human being. Ask questions. Discuss with facts and evidence-based position. Stick with the truth and the right. Come to an agreement with your opponent on a better solution to solve the problem your opponent is accusing you of. 

Example: "Trump is racist, therefore you're a racist" Agree and let the individual know that racism  or racial discrimination is disgusting. Present facts why racism never worked in any country ,and that, our Republican forefathers fought for the right of African-American slaves to be free and not be slaves. Trump is never racist and show why. 

Having a discussion and a peaceful conversation is NOT about "I WIN" but it's about bringing about the good or best in the other person the ability to think for himself and enjoy his freedom available to him as a free-thinker. 
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The best way to convince people with your point of view is not by argument. But use points and examples to state your points. Show examples of people who share your beliefs and the outcome of it.
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The saying goes like this, "We cannot please everybody." It means we cannot convince all people to believe on us. We just need to be ourselves and share our opinions without expecting any returns. It is up to the listeners to accept it or not.
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People can become stubborn sometimes and even getting your point across gets harder. You can listen to the person's view and be asking questions in regard to your view so that they can understand. 
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I agree. Some people are like this. If they are, I usually stop and excuse myself politely. It is pointless being with them anyway.
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people are all so different and you can not force others to see it your way they have to listern and accept it if this doesnt happen then at least you have tried to put your point of veiw across
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I think the best way is to try making the person trust you and make them see the facts of what you are telling them, and that's a simple theorx to use and convice someone.
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