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This is a question that many would answer the United States. For years they seemed to lead the world in military, economics and decision making. But in truth and reality alone there is no one person or government that rules the world completely. According to some America is losing its top grip on international power. 

Normally if you ask a question like this people have always thought and considered the actors in world affairs are the states, primary the ones with the greatest powers, and most people consider their decisions and the relationships behind them. When examining states each has a complex internal structure where the decisions of the political leaders are heavily influenced by the internal concentration of power.

It appears that western power is starting to be challenged by East Asia. China and Pakistan are hoping to spur industrial development in Pakistan. In the end, these two countries are hoping that Pakistan will finally take a role in helping to control domestic terrorism.  

Furthermore, you should take a look at the EU and why it was formed. I do believe in the next few years things will change and the United States will no longer be the leader of world power. I could be wrong, but with the current President in power, the United States is losing a lot of respect from other countries around the world. 
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I think this is a very good question to post. To me the one who rules the earth is God because He is the meditator of day and night and he is all knowing. God is a word and the word is God though he is silent and invisible to us we can see his great works he has done in this world. We thank him for his grace he has given us.
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Of course God is the ruler of the universe He's responsible for every human being.He created the world with everything in it.That is just from the spiritual point of view.

Talking about earthly governments, I think its USA.Its regarded as a superior nation and whatever they say then the whole world tends to agree.I hence think it will be cool of we can say that Donald Trump is the one who rules the world since he's the president of the United States of America.
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God only rules the whole world. He has the power to take it away from us. It will happen if the judgment day came to our world. I am sure there are so many people who will oppose this, but that is what I believed in.
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The world rules is being fought over by nations in the European countries, China and the United States. Each wants to be superior and rule over the world. 
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