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So, it necessarily does not have to be a money sucking tradition.

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Weddings are supposed to be fun, why have one at the church and then people go home, what was the reason really, it is to celebrate two people becoming one and that is a big deal.

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How People arrange their wedding is a very particular thing. It does not have to cost you a fortune if you dont want to. It wouodwonly cost you an arm and a leg if you want so.

Of course there are different countries with different traditionstrthat need to have a dowry etc...but if that is not your case the purpose of spending a lot of money is Just to meet planning...and sometimes to show off...

You can make your own tradition...your wedding party is up to you...:)
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I believe a wedding should be what you want it to be. There are girls who dream of a giant wedding when they grow up, a church filled with hundreds of their friends and family, a white dress, dad holding their hands as they walk to the front of the church, and a giant party at the end where they can dance the night away like a princess. I think these kinds of weddings are talked about so much, advertised on TV, in magazines and especially in many TV series when you see a couple get married. 

There are others who are simple and a justice of the peace is all they need. Run down to the courthouse, sign a paper, leave and go back to their daily lives. No big deal at all. While others will fly off to Vegas and get married, with a few of their friends around and enjoy the night at the slot machines.

Other people opt for a garden wedding with just a few friends around and a nice buffet dinner. A little dancing and an overall good time. 

Your wedding is up to you. If you like fluff and fash then go for the big expensive wedding to show off, otherwise plan a simple wedding that fits your needs and makes you feel special and happy.
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I think if you decide your wedding to be luxurious or an average one, then that is the process, you will have a reception after the ceremony. The reception creates memories so it will sound boring if you do not have something to share to your visitors. Sometimes it has a program, the eating edition and the messages of your loved ones and some inspiring advises to the newly wed. If you want your wedding to be very simple, you can skip those things. Of course, you need your visitors to eat after the simple ceremony, so you can treat them in a restaurant and that it is. You can do all you want to your wedding, whether it is simple or not, you have the choice to make things happen. What matters is that you are bind as one and you are now husband and wife.
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The actual purpose of a wedding reception is for the couples to get together with their friends and family to celebrate the actual wedding ceremony. Wedding receptions and parties are done after the process of exchanging vows by the couples with witnesses at a ceremony that is unique to different cultures and traditions all around the world.

While a wedding reception isn't a must, people have different ideas about it. From the elaborate setting with a lot of guests to the simple get together with family and friends. Others do not even think much of it. The whole idea behind it is to celebrate the coming together of a couple in matrimony. It is entirely your choice to have it the way you want it.
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Am going to make a point contrary to what everyone thinks as to why marriage ceremonies are a must do.

This will sound a little weird, but take the moment to think about it. Religion has made us believe that we all originated from two humans, the first to walk the earth, Adam and Eve who back then were able to speak to God directly until they disobeyed him. This simply tells us that we are all related even though modern times proves otherwise.

Marriage could simply be an idea adopted by ancient people as a means of communicating to God on their partner choices, saying I've chosen he/she which is my sister/brother to become my life partner, bless us oh lord.

Sounds crazy I know, but not that much if you think about it. Marriage asides from what i stated above, is also a way of announcing to the community at large that the persons involved are now locked in holy matrimony and is expected of all to acknowledge.

This is in my opinion why marriage ceremonies are necessary. Receptions and other forms of extra marriage activities are just modern ways of further celebrating the couples and making fun filled memories with loved ones.
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There is an answer for every couple, and even in general terms there are several answers. First you need to know that a man and woman are married if they decide they are married. Since marriage affects community stability, people found ways to publicly announce who was married to whom. Next, governments got involved, making laws to regulate inheritances, and that is when it became important to keep track of who was the father of which boys. Not so much girls.
Marriage in the USA is a legal matter, a three way corporation with a man, a woman and the state for the purpose of making babies. That is how the government claims jurisdiction over children: the state is one third owner of the corporation that produced them.

The marriage license was invented after the civil war specifically so it could be refused to mixed couples. That meant mixed black and white, since nobody cared about any other combination.

The modern fuss over manufactured genders is a result of confusion between those four concepts: personal marriage, community stability, legal privileges, and baby making.

Please note that I have not said anything at all about religion.

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