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Make it simple and make small, all ,matters in a wedding day is you the couple who do the promises and not the decorations.

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Many people love a garden wedding during the summer. This is a great way to have a budget wedding. You can have it in your home and host a nice buffet for your guest. Many people will prepare their own food to serve at these types of wedding. It is easy to rent some tents for your yard, table and chairs. This would make a great wedding now that summer is here. Other people have had their wedding on the beach. They like the seashore and the nice breeze to fill the air. Some people take off to Las Vegas and get married. This one is rather cheap and you can spend the night in the casinos with your friends having fun. There are all different kinds of wedding and ideas that you can do for yourself. One Christmas, a friend was married in their living room in front of the Christmas tree. I think this is a personal day and it should make you happy no matter what you choose to do.

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