Do you believe that every opinion, every point of view, every reaction to a matter for discussion is important?

Do you value critical thinking?

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I am not afraid to speak about my views and opinions. But sometimes I have to be quite for some reasons. Because in some places my opinion didn't get any effect or respect, in some places I have to be quiet to avoid problems. 
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Generally convincing and understandable I am now seeing things in a different point of view after reading this answer.
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No.I don't afraid to speak up about my views and informed opinion.Everyone should be frank in their life, will be complicated.
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Yes. Everyone should be frank to avoid life complications. Sometimes we have to be quiet too.
Enlighting one another and sharing of adequate information is what we are all there for, i find you to be quite enlightening on this matter.
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For me, there is no right or wrong when giving their opinions. Personally, I am not afraid to voice out my own opinion on something. First and foremost, I am entitled to enjoy freedom of speech.
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You are very wise and understanding,I like your point of view on the Matter at hand and you have enlightened me.
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No I am not afraid to speak about my views and informed opinion because i believe there are some who believes opinions given to  discussions are important and  they solve big problems in the societies and I am happy and proud if my views and opinions are heard
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Thank you for answering. Peaceful dialogue and respect of each other and each other's hard work and property are the basic keys to freedom. Thank you.
As of now and so on I will consider these logistics as to be very legit and wise to aim on better outcomes for the question asked above.
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No I can not afraid to speak my about my view and opinion because it my wish but every one should be frank in life to avoid life complications
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Your idea is legit and I would rate it a five out of five because of the wisdom in the paragraph above.
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No, I'm not. But in order to be confidence speak my opinio I have to do well preparation and reserached. As long as I have a great preparation nothing can stop me to speak my opinion.
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Highly true and justifyable I made some research of my own and found this to be quite reliable.
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I used to be when I was younger but with age comes confidence and now I will say what I believe if I feel I am well informed on a subject. I remember when I was at college there were people who would stay away if they were required to speak in front of the class because they were so afraid of being ridiculed but I think this is common when we are much younger. Everyone is entitled to their opinion even if it not a popular one.
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Keep it up.Highly true and justifyable I made some research of my own and found this to be quite reliable.This is quite true.
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Am not afraid and I always speak out my mind cause I know my opinions can be of value and bring change to others. Differing in opinion does not mean we cannot agree on something else. 
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If anyone is looking for an answer to this question I mean why not just look at it from this perspective it is quite wise.
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I am always upright about my opinions. However, I respect the fact that multiple people have multiple perspectives. Hence, I respect the opinions of others, even if they are different than my opinions. A lot of times, opinions are built from experiences. Everyone has different experiences in life. There is no right and wrong opinion. All opinions matter.
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This message Is quite clear and deeply thought through I believe it is a way forward for all.
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No am not because anyone could literally do anything as long as it benefits them, because if I think my view is good and it may be what is best.
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Yes, even a small stone has its own value. So it is better to understand and give value for each ones opinions. The reactions has a different face, it can be both positive and negative. Take that is good for you.
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