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Vlogging or video blog can give you good income per month, but nowadays you have tons of competition from different person, so it is hard to start a fresh channel nowadays? What do you think

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YouTube has changed their payment policy and now you need over 4000 hours of viewing time on your channel and I think it is 100 subscribers. If you don't have a large following it will be so hard to earn anything from YouTube.

If you are interested in starting a Vlogging site have you ever considered some of the other video channels that are available online? They don't have as much competition and some of the channels actually pay people to view your videos. This is a great incentive and might be a better option for you if this is what you're interested in. 
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Nowadays to earn from youtube is very difficult you have to have a goal for the videos you upload in your channel and be able to attract many subscribers and viewers of your content. Learn new skills to make your videos better. Speaking in front of a camera, proper lighting, new video editing software, optimizing your channel's  SEO and expanding to other social media are the right things to improve your youtube channel.

Learn how to set the right objectives like making 12 videos per week, finding influencer for mutual advertisement is another good objective instead of concentrating in the number of subscribers. Seeking fame is a wrong approach but making your interesting videos is the right way to go. Your channel will slowly grow at the beginning but with time you will have many subscribers in your channel which can earn you even an income.
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I still it is not too late if you are thinking of entering the world of vlogging thru Youtube, but you must be prepared to do really hard on your work, as there are many great videos already spreading out on Youtube, you must think out of the box and do a lot of works and put a 100% effort into your work so that you can fight in the world of vlogging. Youtube already change the rules when it comes to monetizing your channel. Before you are granted or able to earn on Youtube you must first have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of annual watching time by the viewers. When you meet up the requirements then that is the time Youtube will contact you and will discuss with you about monetizing your channel. So if you really want to join the battle of vloggers then you better start it now because many are already starting their work.
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No, but I think you should bear two things in mind. First, starting a YouTube channel with fame or money in mind is usually not a good idea. Most popular channels start as hobbies and grow because the audience takes a liking to their passion, personality, skills, and/or knowledge. Oh, and also because of luck. If you're after money, there are tons of better options out there, like freelancing. It can take years until you actually start earning anything from your channel, specially if you're working at it on the side. Passion and fun should be your priorities; money might or might not follow.

Second, the greatest problem with YouTube (any social media, really) isn't even the competition; it's the platform itself. You don't own the platform, so you can't do anything if they change the terms of service or start doing things on a whim that screw you. Hell, they might just remove your content because they don't like you. YouTube is great for connecting you to a wide audience, but make sure to have your own platform as well.
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If your heart is set on making money off youtube, you're passionate, and you have time and no small amount of talent, you could probably make a lot of money off the site. It's never too late to start, and you should never give up on something if it's what you want to do or try. There are millions of users and channels, so there's a lot of competition, but this is the same for any industry. You should try to make yourself stand out from the crowd to attract an audience. Furthermore you can always promote your brand/channel/service/production on other social media platforms like Tumblr, Instagram, or Facebook, which all have millions of followers using the sites per day. You can research hashtags pertaining to your production to try and get the most exposure.

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