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This is what I have been thinking too, as long as out topic is what peoples interest and try to promote your youtube channel to social media.

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One of the best ways to do this is through advertising. You can self-promote your site using Facebook, Twitter, Google +, posting on forums in your YouTube niche, and through paid advertising sites. There are a few forums online that will pay you to post on the forums. These are normally money making forums like Beermoney Forum. On this site, they have a job board where you can pay people to go to your YouTube channel to subscribe and follow you. This will help to generate traffic to your site. They also have traffic exchange sites that you can join to drive more traffic to your YuoTube channel.
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The best way is advertising. You need  to spread the link of your YouTube videos on all social media platforms. The powerful one is Facebook, try to post an impossible story or interesting facts that need to be continued, then put  you YouTube link as their no other choice. The same with twitter and Instagram , like for example, you put a few pictures of a naked woman with your YouTube video link as a title.
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You need to make a marketing plan. Publish your videos in forums related to your theme, share on social networks, make a blog, among others.

Do not forget to do SEO to your video, that is, the description, the title, etc. This is important for him to position himself. There are video themes that are much more sought after than others, so make sure your video has something to offer.
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Getting YouTube views might not easy at the beginning just like any other new business one is starting out but being consistent can help,so you should start by being active and consistent with uploading videos.

Try to have a unique channel,if possible something very new and refreshing to attract new subscribers and views

If you are working with already saturated niche then you need to start out with creative and innovative ways, don't blend in but have your own identity and ways of editing your videos to be different.

Most importantly try to get original videos not what is all over the net,many people wouldn't be interested in your channel.

Upload educative and informative videos it will keep people glued to your channel.
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You can start by promoting your YouTube video links through other social media platforms.
Facebook for instance is one good platform for promoting links. If you have a lot of friends, you can share your YouTube links with them and ask they help share them with their friends too. The same can be done on other social media platforms like twitter for instance.

Another way to promote your links is by employing people to do so. If you've heard about paid to click sites, then you'll know there's good chances of increasing your link's view through these channels. It's quiet simple and cheap to use them. All you have to do is register with any of them, deposit a little amount of cash and post a task for users to execute, then you pay them. It's a very effective means and I suggest you try it out.

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