It is fine if she will create her own account too on same IP address? 
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Just contact the administrator and be sure it's not against the site rules in order not to get your accounts banned. I have seen some forums where someone with two accounts using one IP address got banned.

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It's not a problem to use multiple accounts on from same ip address. The only limitation will be about the accept rate on activities that can be made from an ip address in an hour/day. ie: here on this site the activities such as making posts or upvotes etc are limited to certain numbers like 25/hour or so. But I don't think it will be an issue in your case as only two persons are logging in from an ip.
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If two people are working from the same IP address, don't they each need their own verified PayPal account. This way you can tell if the person is legitimate or they are trying to scam the system using two accounts. I've seen this in so many sites that more than one person from the same IP address joins a site under a different account. They do this to help one of the accounts earn more money. 

Here the site is paying for upvotes. If one account answers a large number of question each day, the second account could easily come back in and upvote the work so the first account can earn extra money.

If the site allows this to happen then more and more people will start to game the system on here. The only way I can see this really working is if the two people are willing to send you their ID and prove they have their own PayPal account that is verified through PayPal. This will prove that there are two different people working on this site. Otherwise, one person can upvote and only ask questions, the other can answer and make all the money. 
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Well she can create an account from separate browser than what you are using... that can be Opera,Mozilla, etc. This is the solution if you think that you can get banned by using two accounts from the same IP address. Otherwise using the same browser for two accounts will work fine I think! 

Hope This helps.

Good luck!
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Whatever browser they use, if they are using same wifi or same internet source then their ip address will be the same only. Please don't make answers without a research if you are not sure about. Otherwise you can make a comment below the answer.
Yes they can have different IPs by configuring each of those browsers to use different proxy servers....

Hope this helps!
Some ajax forms and javascript functions within this site may not work with proxies. If it does you are good to go.
Thanks for Information Dude... I am new to this platform and I really appreciate your comment... Just answered what I actually know...

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I normally get a similar problem too. The only thing I do is for one to log in from a different browser from the other. In this way it is easier to tell one from the other. UCbrowser may be for your partner and Mozilla for you.
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