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Warts can be treated with the use of several methods such as chemotherapy, removal through medical procedures, topical medication, cauterization etc. All these methods for treating warts vary according to the type one is suffering from.

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I have found apple cider vinegar effective in the removal of warts. You just need a cotton wool ball and mix two parts vinegar with one part water. Soak the cotton wool ball in the mixture and stick it over the wart with duct tape and leave it overnight.

Do this for several days until you notice the wart begin to go black. The acid in the vinegar slowly destroys the wart and causes it to fall off. I even used this method on a small cyst on my face and it got rid of it and never came back.
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Warts are very frustrating problem.

• it's a kind of infection.. mostly some people say it is heriditary. There might be chances for that.

• some of the natural ways are using banana peel.

• you have to put the banana peel on the warts

• you can also use Papaya milk that comes when we cut the leaf.

Don't apply at the eye.
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Wart is a small, fleshy pump on the skin or mucous membrane caused by human papillomavirus.

Use pineapple - apply fresh pineapple to the affected area because it contains natural acids and enzymes that will help cure.

Garlic - mix garlic with water then apply to the affected area until the wart is gone.

Mix baking powder with castor oil then cover it with a bandage.Do this daily until until the wart is lost.

Finally, vitamins, crush vitamin C and mix with water to make a thick paste then apply to the affected area.
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