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It really depends on the couple.

Sometimes nothing is needed, as most men want to see the woman naked. Some guys have fetiches for certain lingerie types, but it all goes with the taste of the couple.

You can try to spice things up with some lace and lots of skin showing. But you can also wear some beige panties and be equally as sexy. The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder...the old saying already says.
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If you want to impress your man in the bedroom in terms of dressing always dress what your man consider as sexy. You must learn and find out what drives him crazy. I'll tell you what most men like but remember this doesn't apply to all but a good percentage likes light dress that is partially transparent that exposes your body a little bit, make sure it's above the knees. Avoid bras and breast tops. The only thing covering your boobs should be that transparent dress. You can avoid panties or put it on. Never mind about the colour as most men don't know even which colour to prefer. 

Good luck.
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It doesn't necessarily though, why would ned such thing. But there ate people who prefer to wear some suit like wearing a cat woman attire look like a cat. Some people like to wear stockings or just a long socks. I don't know why they needed something like that. I don't like such thing and I don't like my partner telling me to wear he suggested because I really don't feel comfortable. It's up to you though and your partner but, anything you need to respect each opinion and agree or else it would start an argument on something that isn't there. Try not to be who you don't want to be, if your partner really loves you, you don't need anything to asked and to expect because it will just show up. Some people are fetish and I don't like it.
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This is an important aspect of a every good relationship, as a woman it is advisable to be very sexually attracted to your man in the bed room,  there are lots sexy dresses that you can put own and be more catchy to your man than been naked.
Different dresses have different interpretations,  there are sometimes that it becomes difficult or out of been shy to tell your man you need his attention on bed but there some seductive wears that if you put them on,  it send straight signal to his brain of what you want or what you are up to.
There are some ladies that don't dress freely while in bed with their husbands,  this simply shows their inconnectivity emotionally or romantically. It is also important to go bra-less and pant-less while in bed room with your man.

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