Is marijuana good or bad for your health?
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Benefits of Marijuana : 

It may reduce the pain, this may be helpful to treat arthritis, migraine. 

It thought to help reduce inflammation. 

Doctors sometimes prescribe marijuana, to treat neurological health conditions, such as anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, PTSD. 
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Not taking the serious aspect of the question. LOL!

You can always have marijuana to have that kick. To float in the air. 

You will soon become addicted to it. Once taking it will cause you to get addicted to the taste. 
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I keep on hearing people talking about how good Marijuana is for your health if you  are sick,they also use this herb in food. I haven't tried this herb and I don't think it will be good either, I have seen people smoking it and they loose weight. So no
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marjuana being good or bad for your health really depends on what condition you have and for some people it is not a good source as all people are different in alot of ways no body is exactly the same as someone else
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I am not for recreational purposes. It is best for those people who are having terminal cases of medical conditions. It will not be good if the person is so addicted to it.
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I think it depends on the use, if it is used for medicinal purposes it is excellent, but if it is used for other purposes such as just smoking, you become addicted and you may have an overdose
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According to me have it is good for health. It has so many health benefits. So better to have it in correct portion. It is to be taken while you are in sick.
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No matter how you use cannabis it can cause immediate and long term effects , such as changes in perception and increased heart rate over time smoking cannabis may cause chronic cough and other health issues.
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Marijuana is a very good plant, it because bad when being used or abused in it's raw form, in the medical sector is being used in the manufacturing of drugs.
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