<3Feeling of Love is special when it comes from the right person 

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You can say I love you to the person without saying it by: Kissing him/her. Or if your shy, you may write a letter stating your inner feelings and love for him/her. That's the most romantic ways to say I love you.
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Saying “I love you” can be very scary for some. The best way I find is to show by your actions. Hugs and kisses are the simplest ways, but giving a little bit more effort into your actions speaks much more. Romantic getaways, candle-lit dinners, walking by the beach at sunset. Many romantic gestures to show your significant other you love them.
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Instead of saying it word for word, you can use other words that mean the same thing by replacing them with synonyms. Or, you can simply say, "I want to be more than just friends with you." Or, "I feel a burning desire to be with you for the rest of my life."
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Do a scavenger hunt that incorporates the words, "I love you". Print up funny or cute Memes on shirts on Teespring eluding to loving the person standing next to you and when you are with your significant other wear the shirt. Too there is the old school smoke in the sky or banner method.
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