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There are many wearables and pills now in the market to reduce belly and they do claim that it can burn fat. Is it true? What pills are there to burn your calories without a workout?

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Yes you can burn your fat without doing any cardio workouts or even without a simple exercise. But the best natural way to loss weight is to do perfect dieting and steady exercises.

But in most cases people may not get enough time to do workouts. So they are usually adapting to products seen on TV ads. but the truth is most of these products are utter useless. But there are some products that burn your excess fat very effectively. But you should use them responsibly and judiciously. Here you can see the most proven best selling fat burner in USA. I think is shipped globally. Have a look onto it. This product may help you burning calories even without a single crunches or push ups.

Don't forget to put your reviews here to help for other fellow users on Answeree, looking for burning fat easily and effectively.
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Go for ACCUBURN fat burner. Suppress Hunger & Increase your Metabolism. A GMP & NPA Certified Facility (Manufactured in USA).

This fat burner can help you reduce the unwanted fat. Although there are a great number of fat burner pills and supplements available in the market, but a quality fat burner can help you to get rid of the unwanted fat you're carrying for a good time.
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Yes, you can burn fat without doing any exercises. Actually, the secret in losing fat is nothing but burning more calories than the total amount of calories consuming through foods or drinks. There is no use how much hard you are doing workouts unless you are reducing the food intakes. But you can burn your excess body fat by certain fat burning drinks. Here are the 3 proven homemade fat burning drinks recipes that can help you in losing weight within a month or two. You can reduce your belly and the whole body fat with these amazing drinks that you can make easily at home.

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Diet pills don't often work. Why? Because once a person stops using the diet pills, the weight they lost will just gain it back. This can be very difficult on a person who worked so hard to lose that weight. 

As for burning fat without cardio workouts, cardio workouts cause the body to burn fat (and calories) faster. It is very effective, however, if one has heart or other health issues, talking to a physician is best. Only a physician can tell you what type of exercise is best for you.

As a nurse, I always recommend talking to a physician to prevent body injuries.
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I would never recommend taking any pills due to their side effects and several health issues that they might cause in the long term. You can try weightlifting if you're not into cardio, I personally choose weightlifting over cardio, here's a brief reason why:

1- Weightlifting will replace your fat weight with muscle weight, providing a much better shape for your body and improving your day-to-day calorie burning rate.

2- Weightlifting will increase your metabolic rate, which will lead to a faster weight loss progress

3- By engaging most of your joints throughout your exercise, weightlifting will improve your joints' strength and reduce the risk of injuries.

4- Need a boost for your physical strength capacity and your stamina? Nothing's better for this job than some weightlifting.

Those were some of my most important reasons for choosing weightlifting over cardio, there's this article that backs up my answer and elaborates it in a more detailed way. 

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Yes there are success stories that someone used an organic weight loss tablet, juice or pills and they lose fats. They even lose their fats without exercise. Busy people who wants to lose weight patronize this one and it works on them. i had tried those products as well, but nothing work out for me. I think it depends on body chemistry. I suggest if it does not work on you for two months might as well stop and move on to another product. Some products, or pills, even it is organic, still can cause palpitations. Some skinny coffees can cause palpitations and I know someone had a heart attack. It is not healthy or sometimes the response of your body to the pills that you are drinking are different. It could lose you weight but gives you nausea, dizziness or palpitations. I rather go to the safe one, using a rubber to work out. Rubber is very challenging and it gave me great perspiration. I know I am losing fats even a little. 
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Although it is very possible to lose weight without cardio workout by using pills, but healthwise it is not advisable. I agree it might be easier to burn fats through the use of pill method but it also has it own side effects.

These pills basically works with the metabolic system by speeding up the rates food substances are converted to energy. They reduce one's appetite thereby making one full for a long time and eat less of calories.

Some of these pills are; hydroxycut, meratrim CLA(conjugated linoleic acid), ketoboost foskolin, caffeine, etc.

Ideally, cardio exercise it still the best way to lose weight. With it you won't have to worry about the side effects the pill method poses such as anxiety, insomnia, jitteriness, irritability etc.
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I don't think there are such pills that could help you burn fat and lose weight when you are not exercising at all and still eating as usual. Some pills claim to help you decrease the eating desire or burn more fat when you are running or jogging, but it's not a perfect sense.
I have struggled to lose weight for years and no pills help at all. Now I have lost 30 pounds weight and keep the record for years. And I would love to share my experience here.

To keep a healthy habit, we should start with our mindset. When we are trying to lose weight, it is easy to criticize ourselves for possibly carrying a few extra pounds. But this would only keep us trapped in a negative aura, which makes it more challenging to make positive actions. Instead, we really should accept our body as they are and realize that weight loss helps us to be healthy, not to gain approval of others. We could gain healthy and sustainable lifestyles than ineffective crash diets.

And the beginning is really hard and do not be so hard on yourself. Take it slow and find a mate if possible.
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When it comes to pills and supplements, you should do your research carefully. In this article, you can see some of the most popular options and what the evidence says about them. Overall though, you'll find that most of them have either negligible effects or cause unpleasant side effects. A few of them can be useful, in moderation, but they are supplements; not things you can rely on to burn fat and lose weight without doing anything else. Wearables should also be used with prudence, and none of those "magical gadgets" have been proven to work.

That said, cardio workout is not the only option for burning fat; maybe not even the best one. This article outlines some excellent suggestions based on evidence: strength training, changes in diet and lifestyle, etc.

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There are good natural ways to reduce weight without having to do any workout and I'm on.alresdy on one called OMAD.One meal per can eat only once a day and you can eat anything within your eating window period. I have been doing this for the past 6 months and I can see the scale moving backwards gradually.

I'm never an advocate of weight loss pills and I try to avoid them totally.I have just read about one subtrimine.This works to suppress ones appetite and speed up metabolism to burn fat but I believe when once the body get used to the drugs it might refuse to bulged again.

For me I prefer intermittent fasting and portion control it will do a better job.

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