I want to improve my chid public speaking skill. Any coaching classes can do it. Which one is best in chennai.
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In Youtube there are many videos to learn to speak in public. On the other hand, self-confidence is key, and knowledge of the subject also. When you know the subject a lot, it is very easy to talk about it.

To improve, it is good for your child to stand in front of the mirror and start talking to himself, so he can see what it looks like. He can see that behaviors are not very pleasant, or not very flashy, and so he can improve the way he communicates
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I am not sure if there are teaching schools in public speaking in Chennai, for sure there is but I am not from there so I cannot suggests. You can use Google to find out. Maybe it is near to you. If you want, you can ask some schools in Chennai. You can even search YouTube videos that promote public speaking in Chennai. While it is not happening and you are under going your research, you can use YouTube and find some videos about child public speaking. You can help your child by practicing him or her at home, The best education you could give to your child is you teaching them with passion, pure love, and for sure they will treasure it with all their heart because you gave your time and effort for them to learn something. For sure before starting to speak publicly your child will remember how you love them.
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Obviously, there is no magic to improving a child's public speaking skills. As the say goes "practice makes perfect". For a child to be an excellent public speaker, he/she must be compelled to practice from time to time. It is not rocket science that public speaking skills is not something that can be learnt anywhere but groomed, nurtured and honed over time.

I know it could be very challenging to stand in front of the crowd to speak on a particular subject/topic, but once one master the skills, it becomes a walk in the park to deliver effortlessly in the public.
As for the child, let him/her get used to the subject/topic he/she is given, after which he/she can start to practice by verbalizing in front of the mirror. This can be done occassionally or some days before the deal day of the presentation. Or better still let him/her have a session of presentation done in front on the family members by so doing the checks and balances can fixed.
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Speaking in front of the public is one of my greatest fears; hence, I want to ask you, does your child really want to engage in that kind of activity? Because if he doesn't have his heart in it, then you might just be putting him into so much pressure. I do not want to discourage you, though. I just want you to listen to what your child really wants to pursue.

But keeping that aside, acquiring good public-speaking skill is quite tough, as this requires huge amount of focus, motivation, and of course, confidence to stand in front of the public. If he's into it, then show your full support by being there to listen and to act as "the public" when needed be. Typically, parents do not want to hurt their child's feelings; hence, they often overlook their mistakes and eventually fail to recognize that there are areas for improvement. I suggest you avoid doing this when watching him speak because the public will not look at your child in the same way you look at him. Teach him how he should present himself, where and how he should look at people, and how should his movements be when delivering his message. There really isn't a straight path to being a good public speaker. It all comes with practice, and not giving up during times of failure.
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Helping a child in public speaking first needs consistency most things we set out our mind to do is achievable but it needs us being active with it and Consistent too. You can start by teaching your child to stand a crowd. Speaking might not be the problem but facing people to talk.

You can either arrange classes or courses for him or her to under take or teach yourself.

Teach him how to be confident

Let him listen to good speakers speak,maybe attend seminars and conferences for public speakers to be.
Buy him audio tapes on public speaking techniques and skills acquisition.
Encourage him to start speaking in public maybe in his little gatherings and can now grow to larger groups.
There should be continuation until the act is perfected.
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Public speaking is usually related to confidence so if your child is a confident person and wants to speak publicly then it may come naturally. You don't say how old they are but I would assume they are somewhere in the region of teenage years or slightly younger.

I personally do not like speaking publicly but I did force myself to do it when I was at college because I knew that I was not the only one to be feeling nervous. Some students were so afraid when it was their turn that they would stay away from the class in order to avoid it.

If your child has chosen a career where he/she will have to speak publicly then he/she just needs to practice. There are plenty of online tutorials for this type of thing so perhaps he/she can pick some tips up there,
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