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I need some genuine tips to apply on students in my class.

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1.)You should always maintain and eye contact with them.This will keep your students focused on what you're teaching and they'll not do crazy things like playing or chitchating when you're in class.

2.)Always involve them in your conversation by asking them questions and let them contribut in whichever way as long as its beneficial.

3.)Don't be a boring teacher who teaches the whole whole lesson without smiling or even telling a single story. Tell them little stories in between your lessons but not always and don't tell stories and forget that your main agenda was teaching. The stories must be relevant to what you're teaching.

4.)Finally, don't be strict. Students tend to hate a teach whose strict .They'll even fear answering questions or even contributing. They'll be anticipating your lesson to end.
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Here are a few tips you can to use in your classroom. 

  1. Children lose concentration easily when it comes to performing tasks that aren't fun. Therefore, you should divide this task up into smaller tasks to hold their interest and help them concentrate.
  2. You can design some different type of games for the children to play. This will depend on their age level. You can teach one of the lessons as a game. 
  3. You can try with a few memory games. This will help to train the child's mind and also their concentration.
  4. Sequencing is another great way to help train a child's memory and their concentration.
  5. You'll need to prepare a distraction-free environment in your classroom.
  6. Give the child small breaks during the lesson. Make them stand up, stretch, or move around just a bit. Maybe even have them change their seat assignment until the next break and have them go back to their normal seats.
  7. Use more visual aids in the classroom. 
  8. You can try to prepare the children for the next task. Let them know what they will be dong next. Make one task a bit more difficult and the next one a bit more fun. 
  9. You can try setting short time limit goals for each task the child must do. 
  10. Give the children a small amount of time for distractions. You can include this in your lesson. Give them a chance to talk things over that are a distraction and tie into your lesson. 
  11. Understand the energy levels of the children in your class. After returning from lunch or a break the energy level is up. Use this to your advantage and do some tasks that will make the children use this energy.
There are a few ways to help your students stay attentive during class and help them learn to condition their minds and concentrate better.
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Oh, a friend of mine is a teacher at a primary school. Students are annoyed of everything happening around because they have a big window in every classroom and their doors are open that could transmit some sounds from the outside. What she did for her students to concentrate on his teaching, she do some exercise before starting the class. The exercise is literally and exercise. Just a little stretching for them to wake up. She even says a magic word like she give additional rewards or points to the student who can answer her question. She even share a joke while teaching that everyone is laughing to her, it keeps them awake and after that they will concentrate of what she was about to say because they might be waiting for another joke to come out. She got her success because she is consistently doing it everyday.

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