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Snacking has a been associated with food which cause ill health such as having too much salts, sugars and fats. But luckily with so much done by health professionals and other people, it is still possible to snack with healthly foods and be healthy at the same time.

Such foods can include :

Carrot sticks with bread

Baked sweet potatoes

Deep fried plantains 

Mango fruit juice 
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Late evening snacks is not a healthy habit. But if cannot be avoided, you should eat food that is not heavy such as fruits and fruit drinks but taking glass of water would also be nice. 
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Fruits, Oats, Sprouts, and dry fruits like almonds, dates, nuts can be really healthy evening snacks. Apples, kiwis, bananas , grapes are some ideal fruits that one can consume. Along with that, yogurt, berries, peanut butter with bread can also be good options. 
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There is too many dishes for healthy evening snacks but i'm going to tell you about my healthy evening snacks which i personally take--

* Cookies

* Steamed dhokla

* Oats idli

* Lentil mushroom burger

* Savoury corn tarts

* Fruit custard
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