if a co worker asks for help with something but you're busy finishing a task, what should you say? A I have to finish this but I'm happy to help when I'm finished B I can't help you today C I'm busy can you ask someone else
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To be honest,,  if m not that much tired after my work then I'll definitely help but if tired then I'll think once to help and that's the real mentality of humans. But I'll definitely help no matters on that moment or on next day
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In a work place we are colleagues and we are obliged to help one another in order to achieve the organization goals. If you are busy and after the task you'll be free, yiu you can tell them you are happy to help after you finish your task. 
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When you are asked for help and you are not in a position to do so, you may very gently with a smile on your face say that -

1. Hey can I do this for you later as I am doing my work.

2. I wish I could help you right away but I am stuck with this work, can you wait for me till I finish, I can help you then.

This way you pushing the ball to their court and making very clear that you are willing to help but you struck up with work. 
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From my side i definitely tell him that just give me 10 min to complete my work after this i immediately help you out in your work because i never say no for anybody's help because in future i also want someone help in my work and if he tell me no for that then this word heart me also that's why never say no to anyone help.
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