if a co worker asks for help with something but you're busy finishing a task, what should you say? A I have to finish this but I'm happy to help when I'm finished B I can't help you today C I'm busy can you ask someone else
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I guess option A is more convincing

So your answer for the question is I have to finish my work but I'm happy to help when I am finished
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Your answer should be C option which is as follows-

I'm busy,  can you ask someone else?

Your A answer would be grammatically incorrect. 

Your B answer will be inappropriate. 

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In this case my answer will be option A because the chance for anyone help come very little that's why i choose option A, option B and option C is not suitable for mankind.
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it shows that you still value the co worker and are still willing to help so its up to them if they wait then that means its something you can do whatever that might be but if said co worker moves on to another for help that means that they couldn't wait or it was something that needed two people, a trivial task.

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in my view option, A is the best one because it will be in a polite and friendly way to ask some time for completing his work
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