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Noo, lemon is terrible for your stomach! It is acid and acid is what already is in your stomach making it hurt só if you add even more acid to your stomach juices (which are already acid) you will only make the pain worse.

Avoid everything that is acid or citrus (orange, lemon, pinneapple) and also avoid fatty foods such as fried stuff or even fatty milk as fat bugs the stomach, especially when it is already sensitive.

You need things to fight the acid environment that is inside your stomach. You need acid reducers such as a medication called omeprazol. It is an excellent option. But make sure you visit a doctor is pain persists.

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Surprisingly it can help settle an upset stomach. Some people take lemon water and it works by breaking down food and helping with stomach acids. Lemon has been used in the treatment of Norovirus, not only does it ease pain and nausea but it can be used as a disinfectant. It should be sipped gently so as not to cause further upset but used in the right quantity it can resolve stomach pain. 

There are many other home remedies that can be used to settle the stomach such as apple cider vinegar, ginger, peppermint or even burnt toast. Some of these remedies might seem unlikely, especially the acidic type but they are known to work because they create a balance of the stomach acids.
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It will somehow help in some way but its not such a reliable method to use as a home remedy. Your stomach has hydrochloric acid to reduce stomach ache you must introduce a base to neutralise the acid.But then lemon can help somehow in that, your stomach naturally contains acid and instead of using antiacid, you should use lemon juice to correct the imbalancement.The acid in the lemon juice will trigger your stomach to produce more acid and boost your digestion.

The process is easy all you have to do is cut the lemon the squeeze the juice in a glass and add some hot water and take it.Other than helping in stomach aches, lemon juice also helps in, reducing weight and also help in reducing the symptoms of the acid reflux.It also helps the in lowering the blood pressure and cell damage.

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