Can I lose belly fat sleeping on my stomach?
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Unfortunately, that makes no sense at all. Whether you sleep laying on your belly or even upside down there is no reason why you would lose belly fat. It is kind of funny really, but really makes no sense. I kind of understand why this is a thought but really that does not really change anything in your body. You should exercise and have a good diet if you would like to lose belly fat. Also, keep in mind that some people have a genetic tendency to have more belly fat. Avoiding lots of sweets or even fried goods can help you lose belly fat for real. Whether you sleep on your side, belly up, or even upside down if you do not exercise and eat right there is nothing that will make the belly fat away.
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The answer is a big No,you can't lose the tinniest of fat just laying down on your stomach.if it was possible then everyone with bulging tummy wouldn't be walking around with it.

I'm working on mine too,because I have a big tummy so you must decide to work at it.Start by stopping all gaseous or fizzy drinks to reduce bloating especially on the abdominal region,do some abdominal exercises like press up, tucking in  and pushing up. If possible add swimming and other cardio exercises to it.

Change your diets a bit,cut down on sugar and carbohydrates, take more of fiber and vegetables and apply portion control. Don't take too much food at a time ,you can eat 3-4 small portion of meals  daily. Practise this for about a month.
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No, you will not lose your belly if you sleep with your stomach. I have experience that I lost the fats of my butt when I am sitting for long every day. I realized and observe this when I was on a fitting room in a mall where I am in front of a big mirror.  I wonder if it works same of my belly. Most of our fats are stored on belly when we are not eating on time or if we ate food and we lie in bed or nap immediately after eating. When we skip eating food, the food eating will just be stored in our belly. The only way we will lose it is if we will eat on time, eat small portion of food every 3 hours and if we are doing cardio exercise. Planking and sit ups could help us. If we can be consistent with it for week or every week, then we will see the results. We need to burn our fats to lose weight.
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That's completely way out of how one can lose belly fat. Sleeping on your stomach? To lose belly fat? It doesn't strike a chord at all as an effective regimen of losing belly fat. Honestly, the only way you can lose belly fat is only through exercise and dieting. And the two must go hand in hand without one of them being sidelined.

First thing you have to do is to bestir yourself every morning to go for jogging. And this can be complimented by going for long distance brisk walking on days you don't go for the jogging. Minor home exercises shouldn't be overlooked, like pull up and push up, leg lift and roll up, engaging in domestic chores that would make you sweat.

For effective result, you just have to incorporate proper dieting program into the whole plan of losing your belly fat. Try as much as possible to avoid junk foods that add nothing but more fatty tissues to the body. Eat foods that are cooked  instead of fried. Fruits and vegetables should be staple add-ons to your regular meals including drinking plenty of water.
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Seriously, I'm going to be very honest with you about sleeping on your stomach and being able to lose your stomach fat in the process by tell you that first and foremost, sleeping is not any form of workouts or exercises, so there is no connection between the two of sleeping and losing fat in the process. Anyone who tells you that it's possible to sleep on your stomach and lose fat in the process is probably trying to deceive you. It's not possible, so I would advise you to keep your distance from such individual. There are so many other things or ways which you can follow through that would help you to lose your stomach fat and it's all through working out either at the gym or in your home as long as you know the exact drills to use.
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Sorry to disappoint you on this way. Seriously, how is that even possible. For the longest time we have been told if you want to achieve something you have to work hard for it, right? So by sleeping, have you worked in anyway to have your pot belly disappear? Just so you know there is this saying from way back, NO PAIN NO GAIN! You have to feel pain to get results. All you get from lying on your stomach is a relieving from a backache. What you need to do is start exercising if you do not want the pot belly to grow bigger, situps, squats and stretches will definitely erase the problem and you will also feel good about yourself in the long run. Jogging also will flex your muscles and burn the fats that are concentrated there, a lot of sweating and panting, but results will be achieved.
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The easiest way to lose weight is through dieting.i have come to realize that exercising without reducing one's food intake might not yield much fruits.Weight loss is less eating and more energy expending.If one eat 800 calories and is able to burn at least 1200 calories then there's a deficit which can bring about weight loss but the other way round if one consume 1200 calories and can only burn 800 calories then there's a surplus which will be stored by the body. Of course the stored fat automatically makes us to start adding unnecessary weight
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No it is not possible and it can't be possible you need to do exercises and change your diet. I don't know where you got that idea but it doesn't even make Sense. If you really want to loose weight just change your diet into healthy foods and do exercises regularly. 
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