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Just drink water always and exercise daily, it really works :)

  1. Don't eat Sugar and avoid sugar sweetened drink.
  2. Curt Carbs from your diet.

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Exercises are a major contributor to fat lose. Especially doing like 20 sit ups daily for one month can contribute a lot . I personally have tried this and seen its results although its very hard to manoeuvre during the first times. Also exercises like running short distances can help. What you need yo avoid during exercises is the marathon running and don't exercise for long. Anything good has got its disadvantages as well. This can affect your health and also psychology.

Also ensure you check on your diet. Eat diet that's full of proteins, vegetables and fruits. Eating five meals a day is highly recommendable if you need to cut your belly fat. By five meals, I don't mean you have heavy meals, no, just slight meals are okay. This will help in reducing cravings for the junk which is the major contributor to the belly fat. Finally, drink a lot of water like 6 to 8 glasses a days. Water helps in weight loss and also increases the rate of the metabolism.
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What you eat contributes to how much fat the cells in your body store. Foods high in grease such as friend foods will store more fat in your cells that will add the fat layer in your stomach. Many alcoholic beverages contain a lot of fat and will add the fat to your stomach and other parts of your body. Sugar in soft drinks and in some juices adds a lot of at to your body and your stomach. There is basically only one way to stop this:

  1. You will need to start drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.
  2. Examine what you eat. If you eat a lot of chips, sweets, fried foods, then they need to be cut out of your diet completely.
  3. Start eating more foods like veggies, salads, and natural fiber that will help to reduce the fat in your body and your cells.
  4. Exercise 3 to 4 times a week will help to get your body back into shape. Losing weight without exercising will only make you flabby. You will need to tone your body and change your eating habits to reduce the fat in your stomach. 
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If you already have belly fats, you need to lose it with cardio exercise. From personal experience, I lose belly fats before by doing sit ups and push ups. I try to do 100 repetition five days a week. It measure my stomach first before starting it and I lose 1 kg over all weight after 2 weeks of being consistent. I also do 3000 steps a day because it can burn my calories as well. I do not sleep after eating. We get tired after eating because our stomach is full, but it needs for us not to take a nap because the digestion will happen. Some people advised to do planking. You start to do 20 seconds to one minute for a month and you could see the amazing results. I am not consistent with planking because it is way too hard for me so I might as well do the  sit ups, push ups and squats, 100 repetition a day. Do not forget to drink more fluids. The more water, the more digestion works and toxins will all push away from our body.
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