I need some tips to reduce my menstrual pain naturally.


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I have a friend of mine experience the same and I recommend ysing warm water put in a bottle or heater pad and apply around your abdomen area. This will help you calm down and ease the pain.

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To reduce menstrual pain naturally, you can start by taking enough water, stay hydrated always. This helps to filter your body, transport and increase Flood flow through your body. Hence lesser cramps. You can also drink a glass of warm water first thing early in the morning.

You can do stretching and exercising that target the abdominal areas especially just before your period. Yoga is excellent as well. Eat more fruits and healthy drinks. You need to take in substances that can flush through your body.

I've read that when you sit on an empty bucket, it does the trick. I haven't tried it however but I guess there's no harm in trying. Lying down on your stomach for a while helps to relieve pain too. Although these methods do not completely erase the pain, they help a great deal.
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Every month am always having cramps but I have never used any pain killer. What I normally do is sleeping on stomach for quite sometime. Although it might not fully reduce the cramps fully but at least it can cause some slight difference. Also, you can use your pillow by letting your abdomen lie in s way such that your stomach face up. Also, you can find some towel then dip it in hot water and rub your abdomen several times and it will surely help. Finally, you can decide to go for long walks or runs despite of the pain. I did my research and found out that walking long distances while having periods usually help rather than sleeping or sitting down. Besides, it allows normal blood circulation. With these all measures above, it will surely help.
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Here in my country, we have this supplement called Blooming G. This supplement helps to erase the pain during PMS or monthly period. It even make you bloom like you have been successful with taking antioxidants. I think if you will just not do anything, your cramps will happen monthly or this month and next month you will be feeling okay and then you will feel another pain on the next month again. Some says that stretching before your period or having lots of task, or even cardio exercise twice a week, a week before your period will lessen the pain but still the pain will still be there. My advise, talk to an OB Gyn and she will definitely advise you of what you should be doing. Some are taking pills and some only needs exercise and long walks.
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I found that applying heat to the painful area helped. Holding a hot water bottle against my stomach seemed to relieve the pain although I always took two paracetamol which really helped but if you don't want to use any medication I would suggest trying heat method.

If your period pains are so bad that you are missing work/school then I would seek medical help. Natural methods are fine if your pain is mild but if the pain is severe you might need some extra help. There's no shame in taking painkillers if it helps you get through the day.

Taking gentle walks can also help even though it is probably the last thing you feel like doing but it is said to relieve the pain and lastly chamomile tea is said to have a soothing effect on the cramps and has a pleasant fragrance and a mild flavour.
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I am also not a fan of painkillers. I can't even begin to imagine being dependent on these meds for something that occurs naturally every month.

One that really works for me is drinking tea. I do make it a point to drink ginger and mint tea at least a week before my period. I don't know whether there have been scientific findings about this but consuming tea even before my period starts helps lessen the cramps. I think this is the same premise for why applying heat pads to the lower abdomen is also a good alternative. If you don't have one, a hot shower will do or a hot towel in place of a heating pad.

It is also important to have a healthy diet. Avoid fatty and salty foods, alcohol, caffeine, and carbonated beverages, as these were found to increase the tension that the body feels.
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Basically, there are natural ways menstrual pains can be reduced without the use of pain killers. They are as follows:

1 Diet improvement will help to reduce pain; eating foods that are low fat and rich in vegetables would help a great deal is alleviating menstrual pain.

2) Vitamin B1 and fish oil; the use of these two can relief pain. One can decide to opt for vitamin B1 supplement in treating the pain.

 3) Herbal tea; drinking of variety of herbal teas like peppermint can be help too.

4) Acupuncture on the nervous system; the practice acupuncture done on the nerves would provide soothing relief to cramps induced by menstrual pain. It can also serve as anti-inflammatory boost to muscles.

5) use of essential oils; the use of aromatic essential oils is also helpful too.  Lavender oil is ideal for cramp pain relief if massage is carried with it one affected part.

6) Curling up with heating pads

7)Increase of magnesium intake for nerves and muscles functions.
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Menstrual pains comes with a lot of discomfort as such when one experience it,natural remedies can be applied to ease either the pains or discomforts.
One can use pains to kill pains by exercising. So one of the natural remedies is exercises, this can help ease some pains.
Help ease the pains by taking a warm bath and applying heat where it hurts. It will help relieve the discomfort.
A massage on where it really hurting wouldn't be a bad idea,so you can massage where you're feeling the pains it will sure ease the pains.
Studies shows that lying on the back and raising the legs up can sure help to reduce menstrual pains you can also try this and see if it can be helpful to you.

Drinking water intermittently can also help to ease cramps.
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To reduce period pain naturally without a pain killer some of our kitchen ingredients will help us in this---

* Ginger can reduce period pain because it lowers the level of prostaglandins in a women's body.

* Cumin seeds has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that's why it is extremely beneficial for getting rid of period pain.

* You can use sesame oil and massage it on your lower abdomen while you are menstruating.

* You can reduce period pain with the help of methi. All you need to do is soak it in water for 12hours, and then drink up.
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Some experts claimed that getting pregnant and after giving birth will reduce menstrual cramps. However, it is not a good idea to let young women be in this situation. The best thing to consider is to consult a doctor.
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