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A caesarian section as well as epidural injection both are very scary choices during the time of late pregnancy. How can one get done a painless labour?

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According to biology you can't deliver without labour pain. The process of birth includes labour pain. Infact for you to know that you are about to give birth you will feel labour. Suppose you injected pain killers and you won't feel pain then how will you know if the baby is about to come? But pain is just for a short period of time and things will come back to normal. My advice to you is that be brave and courageous enough to face labour and soon you will be a happy mother. Good luck.
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I doubt whether its possible to give birth without some pains.For every normal delivery, there must be some pain.If you don't need to go through pain then you opt caesarian.

But what you ought to know is that,despite of the labour pains,normal delivery is always the best because the chances that your kid will survive are high like 95% if nothing happens at all.
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Unfortunately, in life and giving life there is a pain involved with the contractions and the baby moving down the birth canal and out into the world. No matter what mother on earth, be it an animal or human that give birth to a child there will be some sort of discomfort involved in the delivery process. 

The best way to make it through the delivery is to prepare yourself ahead of time. I would suggest going to birthing classes where they can teach you some fantastic techniques in breathing and other ways to help you make it through labor. 

Some people breeze through labor and have a simple delivery. This is because they are not worried about the pain associated with giving birth. They have mentally prepared themselves for the big day and when it arrives they endure the pain like it was a small stomachache and delivery their child. While other people have a very low tolerance for pain and have a very painful delivery of their baby. 

I will tell you this and I have heard it from more than one person that has given birth to a child that the pain is forgotten once the baby is born. You can't actually remember going through all that pain after the child is born. If you try to ask a person what it felt like all they can say is yes it hurt, but I can't really remember much of it. I think the pain seems to vanish when you are finally moved to the delivery room and the happiness takes over as you wait to hold your baby in your arms. 

You'll be fine, just take the birthing classes and prepare your mind mentally and you'll make it through this. Everyone has been there and in the end you'll love the experience and more than likely have a second child. 

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I haven't tried giving birth and I wonder if it will happen to me too. I think normal delivery will always be painful. You need to feel the labour in order to appreciate your child more. That is part of being a mother. Actually in the bible, when the Eve eat the apple that the snake influenced her to eat, one of the things that God says is that he will have labour pains to bring out a child in this world. I think it is part of the consequence for committing a sin. Regardless of caesarian or normal delivery, you need to feel the pain. If you want , you can prepared yourself for the pain you will feel and ask everyone to support you. Breathing exercise could help too because there is a right timing and breathing exercise will lessen the pain for sure.
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A normal delivery comes with pains. That is as normal as it can get. Anything outside of that is seemingly unnatural. With the series of biological processes that go on while giving birth, it would be a miracle not to feel pain. There's always contractions in the uterus and stretching of the vagina and birth canals during Labour to make way for a baby to emerge. These contractions cause great pain continuously and repeatedly until the baby is popped out.

There are ways to try and manage pain and be better prepared for birth. Exercises are great for an expectant mother. This helps to loosen and relax her muscles. Balanced diet is very important as well. Yoga and meditation can be done, this teaches you how to be more calm and relaxed and also to face what's ahead. In most places, there are classes for pregnant women that teach them about the techniques They need during Labour.
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Regardless the methods a delivery takes pace,  labour pain are inevitable but the severity is what can be reduced to the bearest minimal.
Base on information I have gathered in the course of discussions related to delivery,  most first timers who experience delivery usually have more pain because it is a first time the system is been exposed to such expansion and contractions process but in subsequent deliveries the pain become reduced drastically.
During pregnancy many women become lazy such that they do not embark on exercise especially at the last trimester of their pregnancy ,  this is very important because it makes the system to be more active especially the cervix,  women who engage on frequent exercise usually have pain free delivery except it is through ceaserian section.
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I don't know if there is any such thing with a natural labour. I had a c-section with my first child and a normal delivery with my second and they are painful in different ways. This was back in the eighties when technology was not as advanced but I imagine there are more ways of pain relief now.

I was offered an epidural with my second child which does make labour pain free but it means it is difficult to push as you don't feel the contractions and I could only have it because I had high blood pressure. In the end I didn't need it as she came quickly which I'm grateful for. They may also offer pethidine or gas and air which can help but they like you to be able to feel the contractions so that you know when to push.
I found the c-section painful afterwards. It is major abdominal surgery but I'm sure the pain killers they give you today are more effective. I know that some people think that a c-section is better but having experienced both I would definitely go for the normal labour because I felt well right after but felt really ill after the c-section.
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This is all I wanted too before I had my first baby, a no pain labor. But, my midwife didn't give it to me reason out that when you are in labor the pain will be the signal if the baby is ready to come out. In my second baby when I was so exhausted and I can't take it anymore, 7 hours of labor and had no sleep for 24 hours, real exhausted hit me up until I wanted to give up. My midwife injected me morphine they said its something that will calm and I will feel no pain at all, but they lied to me, I can still feel the pain and it's more painful this time.   I think what they give me is to help me calm and they really wanted me to have a normal delivery, to the point they call for an ambulance so I can go cesarean at the hospital but luckily before I head up to the hospital , my baby came out so I give my last push and it was normal delivery after all. I know being a woman is not easy especially delivering a baby in this world. And I don't know why other men can't appreciate that.

I know you can do it normal delivery or not just be strong. I have heard epidural have a long term effect in our body so I suggest not to use it. Do more exercise and you can ease the delivery.

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