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If you are wanting to do a guest post on a site here is the best way to go about it:

  1. Locate the site or sites you are interested in writing for.
  2. Find the contact information for the site.
  3. Now you can either send them an email and ask them if they accept guest posting on the site. Some owners won't allow this while others will.
  4. You can send a pitch to the website over. Outline what you'd like to write about and make sure you use a good pitch. Don't write the article and send it in.
  5. Some websites will require that you compose your article and send it in.
  6. If the site doesn't say one way or the other then you'll need to just write to the site and ask. Tell them you love the site and are interested in doing this. 
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answered by ELITE (4,709 points) 2 5 16
I have done about 3-4 guest posts for some sites in the past because I wanted to express myself in my articles. Well it easy if one can write well and have some samples to show site's owners that one is a good writer.

One can just use the contact us form on the site one want to write for to contact the site admin for permission to write for the site.

One can indicate in the comment box that one want to write an article for the site.

The site admin can be contacted through the different social media platforms. Down the site page, there's always a portion where their different social media platforms are published they can be contacted there.
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I haven't approached anyone for guest posting yet but a few people approached me for guest blogging. They wrote me an email (my email is provided on my blog). You can also use the contact form on the blog to approach the blogger. They expressed their interest in writing for my blog and offered the kind of content they can write. They also asked if I had any specific topic in mind which they could write about. I guess this is the right approach. One should seem genuinely interested and would be open to write according to the theme of the blog.They should be able to take no for an answer in the right spirit. Guest blogging is a good way to network and reach newer audiences. After 1-2 months, you can again approach the blogger asking if they would like to have another guest post from you.
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Find lots of blog that could create a good addition to your content. Read some of their blogs and find out a certain blogs that matches the criteria of a content you would want to put on your blog. If you think they are great addition to the contents of your blog, then that is the time you should be asking them to write on yours. Simply visits their blogs, read their blogs, read one or two and put a quality comments. The next time you visits them, make a passionate comments on their blog and invite them to guest post on your blog. Make sure you persuade them with your comments and ask nicely. Your comments is the key for you to get their attention. You can put the link on your blog if you want, or you can send them a private message with your link to do not make it look like spammy.
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There are different ways in which you could land yourself a guest posting gig on different websites. I happen to be familiar with two methods, which are very effective and have landed me quiet a few gigs in the past.

The first method is probably the oldest way of soliciting to work for any organization. All you have to do is visit the target website and surf the contact page. After that, you can contact them via mail with your solicitation. But note, this methods mos times needs regular follow ups as it might take a while before you receive any form of notification or response.

The second method is the most modern process and probably the fastest proving way of landing a writing gig. The first thing to do in this method is to search and register with any reputable freelance writing sites. There's hundreds of them on the internet. An example of such site are, Freelancer, etc. After registering with any of them, you could simply find available jobs in the market place posted by websites who are in current need of specific writing jobs. This method is more reliable as you get paid instantly on the site after completing and submission of work done. It's more like fiverr, only that these new sites have more available jobs with equal opportunities to both beginners and old timers.

It should be noted that the host websites as explained above isn't the provider of jobs, they only connect employers with employees.

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