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I love to eat at home but if i am on the field i don't have a choice but to eat in a clean environment fast food.
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Food cooked at home is far better than outside food. Food eaten at home is far more nutritive because it provides you the opportunity to add whatever it is you want spice up it with. Unlike outside foods that majority of them are junk foods, you can't tell what and what that were added to it. 

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Eating outside may be easier and more convenient for a few people. But is it healthy in any way? So, it is better to get used to cooking at home. It is important to be aware of the ingredients you add to the dish and know the benefits they promise. Self cooking also reduces weight, because it requires physical labor.

When you cook at home, you can decide the amount of oil, spices or other ingredients in your own preparations which will suit your needs and is not excessive as is likely in many outside foods with the risk of high calories. In addition, you can also gook in required quantities to be able to cook fresh for the next day. 
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I am really a shy person especially when it comes to eating in a crowded place. The only food I can eat in a restaurant is kebab or a sausage and maybe drink a soda. I hence prefer cooking my own food for several reasons and one of them includes, cooked food is always sweet.  Usually when I cook, I tend to use lots of natural species hence the food turns out very sweet.

Also,I can cook any portion of meal that I want and its always cheap compared to when you're buying the food. In restaurants you're always served the amount of food depending in your cash "pay as you eat". At times the food is little and may end up eating again and again to be full and you pay very high amount.

Finally, cooking your own food is cool because you can maintain very high startndards of hygiene. Not matter how clean a restaurant might be, you cannot be guaranteed of hygienic standards especially food thats been cooked with lots of people. The effects if unhygienic conditions are tremendous.
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Cooking at home for me is better than eating outside. Some people might think otherwise because their lifestyle and activities may not permit them to cook at home. So they'd rather eat outside.

Cooking at home saves you extra cash. You can buy your food stuff in bulk, take advantage of bonuses and promos at different shopping stores. It is way cheaper than buying from outside. They'll charge you for the cost of everything, labour and even delivery when you order.

Making your own food is way healthier. You make the choices of ingredients and you determine the quality of your meal. You also do not have to worry about sanitary. You are the boss! You'd know you are eating clean and healthy. 
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I like much more eating at home than eating outside.I think it is important to know exactly,which ingredients contain your meal,and if they are of good quality.

If you are eating outside,you don't know for sure,of what quality are the ingredients from the ordered meal.

It is more healthier to eat at home,because you can cook meals with less fat and sugar.

Taking in consideration all this things,I prefer eating at home.
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I live on a small island and here we have what they call food trucks to eat at. Normally this is only in the evening that they are open. They are similar to food carts or even small taco stands. They cook great food, it is normally fried in a wok or even on BBQ. But the only issues are the trucks serve the same food. Each person who runs the trucks has their own way of cooking so the food tastes a bit different at each truck. Here we don't have a wide variety of food or places to choose from when we go out to eat. Basically, the people here love their steak and friend and this is normally what they order to eat. I don't like this type of food and therefore, I don't really like going out much to eat.

I have a large garden where I grow so many veggies for me. I would rather cook the fresh foods from my yard than go out to buy food that I am not so happy to eat or have eaten so many times in the past. This way the food is prepared the way I like it and I don't use oil when cooking. I find it is so bad for you and changes the way that the food tastes. I would rather use other means to cook the food at home. 

I personally would rather stay home and cook and eat than go out to eat. Maybe once a month if we are tired or it is very late we might go across the street and buy a plate of food from the food truck to eat. This doesn't happen often and when we do it is normally chow men which is really good here. 

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As long as food is concerned it depends on taste, the arrangement and the ingredients that are being used in cooking is always vary from person to person. Every one has different taste and vissionary sense, how the food is delivered. 

When you eat out you may find the veriety of food to eat, different taste to observe and surely the luxury of eating without doing any work. But you wont have the idea about the quality that is far away from the taste. You dont know the quality of ingredients manly the oil being used in the food. That may harm your health. 

Eating at home requires work to cook but you have idea about the qality of food your are having, the quality of ingredients being used that will be full of nutrition. 

In compairission the home cooked food is far more better than eating out but it might help to gather a family can find time to talk that is utilized in cooking. Therefore its good to do outing once in a moon but daily outing could be harmfull. 
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If only I can cook, I should be choosing cooking at home. But my real answer is cooking at home for the reason of I am saving my money. I dine out with my friends during payday. This is my reward to myself for being a hard worker, however, it only happens twice a month and I am eating at home after all of the days. My mom cooks at home. She is a good cook. I will just give her money and I will advise what food to cook and she will do it. Dining out gives us varieties of food that we could choose. A good ambiance boost our appetite and surely we can unwind while eating, however, it requires a lot of money. Instead of using that money to buy food in the grocery, cook the food that you want, as many as you want and keeping the remaining in the freezer, cook it again on the next day, you had save lots of money. You even saved your energy because you are just at home, after you eat you can sit down and watch television, compare to having a long journey going home or heading to something that could be a reason of another spending.
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I love eating out but since I heard a horror story about a chef that used to scratch himself in a certain place and then carry on cooking it has put me off a little. I still eat out and try not to think about it because at the end of the day we never know how hygienic a person is, whether they wash their hands after using the toilet etc. It's always a risk.

If you're cooking at home, you know how long the food has been in the fridge, you can wash your hands regularly and there is no risk to your health. Thankfully I have never been poisoned from eating out so I suppose we must build up some kind of immunity but I definitely feel safer cooking at home.
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I'm really introverted and I don't like going outside at all, only if I really have to. I don't like eating in front of people too, and I don't like any public events really. So eating outside will only make it hard for me to enjoy myself and enjoy the food I'm having. I don't like cooking as well lol, I'm too lazy for that and my mom is always cooking for all of us and she's really good at that and she's spoiling all of us. So, I'd say I prefer eating my mom's homemade meals or I would rather ask for pizza or other meals delivered to my house when I don't feel like eating my mom's very healthy food.
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Eating outside and cooking at home both present equally important benefits depending on the situation.

For instance, eating outside would be better if you are too tired to prepare and cook food but you still want to have a decent meal. You can also have the pleasure of eating the food you want, especially those you can't prepare on your own, when you eat outside.

On the other hand, cooking at home is rather rewarding. There's nothing quite like cooking either for yourself or for your family. The thought of going through all the hassle of buying, preparing, or learning the meal is something that is really valuable. When you prepare your own food, you also get the freedom of choosing the healthy ingredients or add your own touch to the recipe. But more importantly, you get to add the most indispensable ingredient of all good home cooking--the love for those you are cooking for.
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I can't remember the last time I ate out I have always been a homely person so I cook and eat in.if I don't do the cooking my partner does and it became worse now that I'm on a diet I eat strictly home made food.

I always believe eating in is alot cheaper because food outside the home in my country is very expensive.

Home made food are more hygienic since we take time to wash all our ingredients and keep the cooking area clean but some food places are just plain dirty

Ingredients used at home are mostly fresh and nutritious unlike ingredients used outside which some are spoiled or almost bad, which most time makes us have stomach upset and even start stooling.
Eating in help Foster oneness and togetherness in the family, since everyone is expected to be on the dinning table during meals time.

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