I recently heard about Border collie is known as the most brilliant dog. Also heard about Australian shepherd. Any suggestion or idea about their obedience and friendliness to their owners in all aspects.

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Both of them are good breeds to practice obedience training, and I found that people love to raise Border collies because they are well-manner and trainable. But some of the owners said Border collies are too tame to have no threat to the enemy. They are friendly to the owner and strangers, so training them as a service dog or therapy dog or emotional support dog is a good option. 
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Both of the breeds the Border Collie and the Aussie ( also known as Australian Shepherds) are very intelligent dogs used commonly as herding or rearing pets.

The main difference in their nature is Aussies are much more agile and they have a hunting capability where the Border Collie lacks.

Aussies are very affectionate to their owners so as they are not good for new owners. But Border Collies can have a good temperament to new owners

Aussie's agile and acrobatic nature makes it good for dog sports. On the other hand Border collies are real workhorses.

Both are cute and obedient dog breeds.
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I want to share some information about these two dogs.

Australian Shepherd is simply known as the "Aussie", who is the medium-sized breed of dog. They are good in nature, intelligent, protective, and active.

Border Collie is a working and herding dog breed. They are Energetic, Responsive, and Intelligent.

According to me, both of these breeds of dogs are obedient to their owners. It also depends on you how you take care of your dogs and which type of treatment you give to your pets. Always try to give CBD oil dog products to your dogs because it has lots of medicinal properties, which are helpful for your dogs.
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There are so many dog that is obedient and good to there owner most of USA dogs is a good dog and it is useful such as monitoring the because of thief 
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I am a cat lover but I heard many good story about Australian shepards and actually watched some documentaries about them. They are of good nature, they are obedient, hard-working; esepcially if you have animals that need some order so, in my opinion, it's him.:)

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