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Can you describe it briefly so that I can answer the question. What karma do you mean in love and relationship category
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What goes around , comes around so I believe in Karma. I do believe that whatever you gives, you get it back, so it is better to give kindness. 

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The law of actions is called the law of karma. The law of karma comes from Hinduism and Buddhism, although there are differences in them. In simple terms, it can be said that whatever one's actions are, he himself will receive and has to face the consequences of his actions whether good or bad.

Karma or actions is usually divided into three parts. Namely, actions done by the mind, such as love and hate, actions in the form of speech such as praise, curse and actions performed by the body such as dancing, running and others. Good and bad deeds depend on intentions when doing such deeds. If the intention is not good, then the action will be bad or evil.
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I like to think it exists because there has to be some justice in the world for all the bad things that happen and I guess there is good karma too so that if we do something good then it will come back to us and reward us in some way.

Maybe it's not real, maybe it's just down to good bad luck but it is very satisfying when someone wrongs us to think that in some way they will be punished for what they have done. I don't wish bad things on people normally but when I hear of some of the terrible things that happen to children and animals I hope that in some way the people who hurt them will be punished because no one has the right to hurt the vulnerable. If karma exists it should definitely work it's power on these terrible people and bring them to justice.

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