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It is just an act of cowardice. Suicide can never be a solution to problem. Anybody who feels he is overwhelmed with one problem or the other, let them seek for professional help. Life is too precious to just waste it for no just reason. Nothing lasts forever. If you are going through hard times today doesn't mean things are to stay that way forever.

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No Not at all. Committing suicide is not at all a "way" to escape from problems. How can it be the "best" way? Thinking about committing suicide on the pretext that it will solve problems is only a course or path taken by cowards and fickle minded people which only shows that the people concerned do not think well and properly.

On the other hand, the person facing problems should discuss about the same with people who are near and dear to him. In addition, the person concerned should also think positively and try to get a solution to the problem concerned. He should also think about the consequences of committing suicide, what will happen to his family and the like.
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No I don't but the people who attempt it and succeed obviously do. To feel so hopeless and desolate that you think there is no other way out must be terrible. I've heard it said that people who commit suicide are selfish but I don't think that. I think they are troubled souls who feel that their loved ones would be better off without them.and quite often there are no visible signs as they cover it very well.

Sometimes their problems could probably be solved if they just talked to someone, anyone, a friend, relative, just someone they trust because they often keep their problems bottled up on the inside instead of sharing their feelings with someone who could help.

In most cases there is always another way and these people just have to reach out and ask for help.
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Suicide is not the best way to escape problems and it is rather a cowardly way for the feeble minded. But then, who are we to judge them. People who have committed suicide thought it was the best way and they actually accomplished that because everything and even them cease to exist. Still, they aren't sure if that's the end of everything since they do not know what happens after death.

The best way to solve a problem is facing It head on. Any sort of escape be it suicide, drugs etc will only hurt you and the people around you. I think people with suicidal thoughts need to talk to someone and let it out. They also need to remember the People who love them and need them in their lives. There's no problem that hasn't got a solution. They must know that the reason they are put on earth is bigger than themselves.
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When a person commits suicide, they're not only ''escaping'' problems, they're escaping life. When we say we're going to escape something, it means we're running away from something and going to another place where we won't experience whatever is leading us to escape. But that doesn't happen when a person commits suicide, because we don't stop having those problems and have a good time instead, we stop existing in the world. So technically, committing suicide is not escaping problems, it's that person deciding to stop existing on this world and to stop any chance of him ever being happy. He just decides to leave and that won't solve anything and once he dies, the whole concept of him having issues won't be valid and we won't say he escaped his problems, because he didn't escape them. He just stopped being here altogether.
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suicide is a way that people think most of the time when they have a heavy problem. We can't escape the fact that we can also think about suicide, especially of the loaded giant problems, but erase that kind of thought.  Every problem has a solution, it might be heavy today but don't lose hope because someday that heavy problem will be gone. nothing is permanent in this world so as your problem, but it doesn't mean you have to end your life because of problems, because you are better than your problems, problems were made to be solved by you. Just like what @meryemn said people who commit suicide is not just escaping problems but also life. Our life doesn't define our problems. So don't let the problem win. Live your life to fullest. suicide is not a solution!!
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Killing yourself, losing your life, in short, Suicide is a cowardly act. Yes, it is a way to escape your problems that you have been bearing inside you but what happens next doesn't involve you anymore because you are dead. What happens next is about the people you left behind. How are they going to cope up with the lost, who will answer all of their questions, who will tell them the truth. All remains are just assumptions. You are just giving them problems that they will carry and remember for the rest of their lives. For me, people who are taking their lives are selfish because they are only thinking about themselves and not about their family. Life is a blessing and we only have one shot, why not use it in a way beneficial for everyone around us. Life is stressful but still a gift to be treasure.
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Why will any right thinking person believes that the way out of anything in this life is suicide, killing oneself, in fact how does killing one self brings a solution.Will the problem be solved in the coffin or in the grave.

People that killed themselves because of problems never wanted to solve any problem just wanted to run away from it,as in their mind just concluded to end it all instead of facing it headlong.

People just want a stress free life which isn't possible that is why when confronted with a little problem they want to end it all.Life is for the living, the only way a problem can be handled is through facing it.Nobody is without problems we all have and dealing with it ,its a lot better than dying because of it.
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Definitely not. The best way to escape or break free from a problem is to face it head-on. Think of all the troubles that your problem has been causing you and try to deal with them one by one. I know it is hard to open up to people about your deepest heartaches but you should at least try. Seek help if you must but you should not considering quitting. For quitting and giving up are the greatest failures.

Remember that suicide is never a solution but a tragedy. We might think this could solve our problems because we'll finally be leaving the world but on the contrary doing so only creates more problems. Just think about the people you will be leaving behind.

More importantly, think about yourself. Do you really want your problems to defeat you? Would you be that hard on yourself because you cannot find a resolution at once? A problem cannot be solved with the same mind that created it. Perhaps, it is time to change your attitude and the way you think.


Please remember to always love yourself because self-love is the only purest love that you will ever know.
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As much as I share the same reason with everyone which says suicide is a cowardly act with no form of justification, I still think suicide is technically and literally the best way of escaping problems. Before you disagree with me, first look at it from this perspective.
Being a live is and living in today's world is all about having responsibilities. From our daily activities to having basics of life all revolves around responsibilities.And as we all know, in the path of making a living we all face problems every now and then. Some people's problem are bigger than others with very little room for a solution. People who find themselves in such situation often tend to have suicidal thoughts. If any of them decides to make that thought a reality by committing suicide, don't you think all their problems have been solved? I mean, a dead person has no responsibilities and neither do they carry along earthly problems with them to the grave. This is the angle at which I want you to look at it from.
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A big answer is NO! Everyone has their own problem and every problem has a solution.If no solution them live it behind and move on. We may face difficulties in everyday of our life, but suicidal is not the answer to this.You will just burn your spirit in hell if you do so.I believe on this, that if someone take their own lives, it means there is no God in them. I remember last year, when i hear right from my partner's mouth that her daughter's boyfriend kill himself.  It was devastated news, I feel ghost bumps in  me. I couldn't believe that it's actually happening and it's a big problem for most young generations. The rate of suicidal here in New Zealand mostly involve are young teens and it must be stop. It is not something normal, there is something wrong behind all of this. Too much isolation is not good, too much strick is not good. We have to educate our children and everyone we know that ending own life is not the answer to everything. I remember someone share what the last word of one of his family member before taking own lives was "I don't want to go, but I don't know how to stay."
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