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Perhaps they just choose to?
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I think some of them feel their too beautiful for some certain men while others have great expectations of what they desire from men that if they don't get them they become disappointed and the next thing they would do is to hit the exit door. There are those that decline suitors offers perhaps they feel they are too young to marry hence they want to rock life before they will know it it's already too late for them to settle down.
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Because they know their worth and they don't want to rush and settle for less.
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Not all woman want to be married and have a family. Especially now days. Many want a career and that is all important to them. Others may have had bad relationships in the past and are not ready to try again for fear the men are just out for arm candy or the surface beauty and do not care about what is inside. And, not all "beautiful" women are beautiful inside and able to have healthy relationships.

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As a woman, I can say that if a woman is beautiful and also single there could be several good reasons for all this. I have known a lot of beautiful women in school and in my travels with work. Most of the problem is they have been so badly hurt that they are afraid to try again. They also feel that their looks have attracted the wrong type of men in their lives and it is hard for them to find a man who won't look at them for their beauty but for what is inside of them.
Some men are only looking at the beauty of the face and body and not looking deep inside. These people don't want to be admired for their looks but want to be admired for their heart, sold, and mind. They want a man to love them for who they are and not how they look. I think once a man can get past the beauty and look inside you'll find something even more beautiful than the looks you see on the outside.
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It is not exactly the true statement for me. There are many beutiful ladies around me who are not single but yes there is huge number that are in cattegory of singles. What i think there could be two reasons.
As there is much proportion of the people who lie in the cattegory that are not pretty much beutiful so they think like she is not goin to say yes for him and take side to not to be embrassed and not to let down himself and the second one is person might think she is so beutiful so she might be possessed or be with someone. Actually they are degrading themself in a sense but yes this is the fact, i have heard these type of words from many persons.
This might be wrong according to others but this is how i get an idea.
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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is a very famous saying. That apart, who told you all single ladies are beautiful? It is only your perception. Having said that, there may be a number of reasons as to why a woman or man do not get married and remain single. Those reasons may be either personal or impersonal.

Anyway, whichever man or woman remain single may be their choice in their life. In what way is it going to affect your life or anyone else's life? So, what is the need to find out the reasons as to why a particular man or woman is single ? Is it not a waste of your precious time? Most of the times, you may not be able to find out the real cause of their remaining single. In that case what are you going to do? It is a waste of time and energy.
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There could be many reasons why a beautiful lady can be single. Being beautiful doesn't mean express ticket to have a partner. There are many qualities that a man or woman can desire in another woman and most times just being beautiful as society deems It doesn't cut it. Perhaps a beautiful woman may be lacking in other important aspects.

People have different definitions of beauty and I'd say there isn't a standard to measure beauty as society does. Every woman is beautiful in her own glory and there's always someone that appreciates their flaws as part of their beautiful and desire them. The next time you see a single lady that you consider pretty, perhaps it is her wish to stay single or the one meant for her hasn't come yet.
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I did some research and found out that a good percentage of those single beautiful ladies aren't always straight. I still don't know the reason behind that but am yet to know.

Another reason could be, men don't trust beautiful ladies because that cannot make good wives and also can't stick to one man. Besides, some of those beautiful ladies are expensive to maintain. I have come to realise that this is true but not all of them.

Still there are those who are beautiful with brains and very indepent. Men fear approaching these kind of ladies. I think that's another reason contributing to them being beautiful. You'll find that these ladies are the one's approaching men instead of it being the other way round.
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I have not been single for 40+ years.  I started dating when I was 16 years old.  Met my husband when I was 19 years old.  Got married when I was 21 years old.  My husband thought (and thinks) I'm beautiful.  Thanks to him I now have beautiful daughters.  1 daughter is married.  1 daughter is divorced.  2 daughters are single ON PURPOSE.  1 daughter is developing into a beautiful young woman.

I find the question about WHY beautiful women are single an interesting one.  Actually, as a woman, I sort of find the question insulting and cruel.  It's as if saying to a woman ... if you're ugly WE KNOW WHY you're single.    That is not cool!

Also, what's wrong with being single?  I am reminded of a quote by American actress / sex symbol / beautiful woman, Marilyn Monroe who said:  "I'd rather be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone."  I think she spoke from her personal experience. 

Many women deemed beautiful by our society's standards probably get very annoyed and aggravated at the question:  "You're so pretty.  Why are you still single?" 

For those women I would supply the response:  "A man don't choose a woman.  A woman chooses a man.  So far the handsome and ugly men are not worth choosing?  And don't tell me I'm being picky and setting my standards too high!"  smiley

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First, all ladies are beautiful in their own unique way. Second, why they are not married? Maybe because they have more important things to do. I do believe I am beautiful in my unique way so I will just share my decision why. I have lots of responsibility. I am a bread winner in the family so I need to support and provide for them. Since I have little savings, when I get married some day, four sure it will never help me a bit so I think I need to work more to earn more, to save more. I have my family responsibilities and there is this guy that is waiting for me. I will never ready until I am establish and insured, for my family and myself. Some do not get married if they hardly meet their soulmates. It could be a good reason too but how can I know about soulmates if my stomach is aching. I want to be establish before getting married.

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