I would like to know if I'm over thinking about my future , about how much I should earn by month to live like normal people
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Depends on your location but generally speaking, earning around 70 000 to 100 000 dollars per year will be more than ok to live a normal life even if u have a small family. Always remember its not all about the money, do what you like to do the best. Enjoy your life to the maximum!
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Everyone yearns for a better life with no stress of worrying about tomorrow. And it all depends on individuals because everybody has a unique need. For me I have set a goal which am trying to attain financially aiming for a six figure salary and am putting extra effort to attain it.
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It is a good question to ponder. Personally, I want a decent job with a competitive salary. I am not yearning to be the richest man on Earth. As long as I can provide something for myself and my family, then I will be fine.
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I think for a better life ,we need money around of 6000 dollars is enough for a month. But it actually depends on the country were you live. Sone expensive countries it will be difficult to survive with this 4000 dollars.
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It's totally depends upon the area where you job is continuing.if you continue your job in a remote area than i think 40-50 thousand is enough to live a peaceful life and if you continuing your job in a city area than minimum 1lakh is require for live a peaceful life.
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It's depend on how you will be comfortable

In future, your need..., your child needs,.. 

Do you want more or less,.. 

I think for me for a good life not a rich one 

Salary must be 5000$ per month 
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I will be feeling in heaven if earning $5000 per month, especially if a passive way. I wish I could have this.
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I think I would be living a normal life like other people when I'll be earning $500 a month.

With this much I can comfortably plan for the needs of my family and mine.

It's a very good amount of money to earn every month as it can make me live stress less life happily.
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That will be around 700 000 dollars to 100 000 dollars a year, i know you might think it's too much, but if you have dreams, visions you want to achieve you money.
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I believe warning $65,000 a month would do wonders for me. That's my dream salary right there. I would be able to accumulate a lot with that amount. I would be able to run my business successfully and to be able to take care of my daughter, and give her everything I never had when I was young. 
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I'm not from the United States so that the value of dollars in my country is so high. I dreamed about earning $5000 per month in order for me to be rich. But as what the sayings told "Earn your first dollar first". That's why I am trying some sites like this to earn money and invest in a website or blog that can help me reach that target salary.
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