How to deal with if your girlfriend disrespects you?
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Just ignore and move on. You cannot force anyone to respect you. That apart, there are lot of other things in life to worry about.

This is a super easy question.  Walk away.  Nobody on this earth should be disrespected and especially they shouldn't be in a relationship with a person who disrespects them.  Why would you even want to be in a relationship with somebody who dogs you?

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There must be a reason behind her disrespecting you. If you know its your fault then you should go and apologise. But if she's just rude then I think the best idea would be to pave way for her. Maybe she's found someone better than you and no longer needs your attention but she's just afraid to dump you.

Else, you can just assume her. When she talks to you all sorts of words, pretend you're not hurt. At times, silence is always the best weapon. She'll start asking herself why you're not reacting. Sooner, you two will get back to normal. What you ought to avoid at all cost is to fight back with words. This will go on and on and in fact she'll no longer respect you.
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Is it necessary to waste your time in finding out reasons for such behavior?
People are very different and you cannot force someone to act or think like you. For mW I'll definitely find the reason behind. 
Yes. Self respect is most important for every human being. So better come out of that relationship. 
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Not a single person deserves to be disrespected .If your girlfriend treats you like that, you need to find out the reason she's doing that. Sometimes there's a real reason why people disrespect others. Perhaps it is coming from you.

You need to also explain to her how you feel being disrespected. Express your displeasure in a very approachable way. Just maybe she doesn't even know that her actions towards you means disrespect. Give her the benefit of doubt.

Perhaps there's a point she's trying to get to you. So the both of you need to sit down and sort things out like mature adults do. If you do not agree, at least you both can agree to disagree and go your separate ways in peace and respect.
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Your first sentence may be true. But, does it happen like that in our life?
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Humans are in the habit of disrespecting one another and it become worse when you are not in agreement with their beliefs or desires, so most times I don't push an arguments too much so as to curb any form of disrespect or chaos

Fiirst thing first you should try to find out why you get disrespected by your girlfriend, you can't have the right solution if you don't find out the problem. When you do, then you can sit her down to discus with her,talk to her as a friend and let us know she insult and disrespect you with such an action,actions or words.Don't try to fight her while at it and urged her to be polite in her approach when dealing with you.
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Yes. Humans are in the habit of disrespect when they don't want the person in their life. 
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I think I would question whether I was with the right person if someone was disrespecting me continuously because having someone put you down all the time is very bad for the self esteem. If this is just a recent thing maybe she is worried about something and taking it out on you or maybe you have done something to upset her without realising it. Whatever the reason you need to sit down and talk to her and tell her it is not acceptable.

I've been in your position and it is a horrible feeling but if you value your relationship and want to make it work I'm sure you can get to the bottom of what is making her this way. Ask her if there is anything wrong or if you have done something to upset her. If she continues maybe you should ask yourself whether you can put up with this kind of behaviour on a long term basis. I hope it works out for you.
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A girlfriend disrespecting you is a very serious issue which can give you doubts about dating her. It could be a sign that her love for you is fading away. It also raises a red flag that is so essential to check if someone is worth keeping.
Before deciding on anything, you should first  consider giving her a chance to change,  if this is the first time she has disrespected you. Confront her and let her know that she disrespected you and needs to apologize and change. She could have disrespected you amidst a fight or she was going through a hard time in life. If she does apologize and changes then she is worth keeping.
However, if she has disrespected you several times and doesn't make any apologies, or she does apologize but doesn't change her behaviour, then it is time to let go. You need someone who treats you with respect always.
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People change, even those who are very close to you will tend to change as people change their attitude if they don't like what they see in their life and environment. You should ask yourself, is there something wrong. If your girlfriend starting to disrepect you, you had done something to make her do it to you. Have you done something? What kind of disrespect she is acting against you? If you think you did nothing wrong, maybe you should personally ask her. This not comfortable for sure, but you need to confront her on the reason why she is acting that way. If that is your problem right now, then you need to solve it. No one should be disrespected. You should analyze yourself too, maybe you there is something wrong. You can only know if you ask her.
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If my girlfriend disrespects me the best thing I am to do is to ignore her and subsequently give her cold shoulder to lean on so that she would learn the lesson that goes with being disrespectful to her boyfriend. Realistically, i don't think my girl can disrespect me without me giving her the reason to do so. I think if she is to disrespect me it would have been caused by me first disrespecting myself.
But once I am doing my part in living up to my responsibilities in taking care of her, it would be too audacious and ridiculous of her to disrespect me. She wouldn't dare to because she knows the consequences would be to harsh for her to bear.
Although i am not the type that beats women but i have ten thousand effective ways to discipline them.
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According to me, Self respect is very important other than anything. So I would not involved in any kind of relationships that disrespect my relationship. I can tolerate to some extent and after that move on is my choice. 
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Well! Disrespect comes in Various Forms ! I don't suggest u act all angry or argue over it! And it depends, if its her first time! There is a possibility she may not be aware and even if she is , she may be going through a lot u aren't aware of ! So I will suggest u address it by talking to her even when she still acts up be Patient cos she may of have not snap out of it I mean whats she's going through! But just let her know! Even if she doesn't apologize don't try to punish her especially giving her too much space and not checking on her! It would be cool u still draw closer to her and let her know that worse things are to be expected and that nothing's change and that u forgive her ! Trust me she will come to her senses and apologize! And also u should understand that u also gonna mess up someday ! Its possible so don't act up or all angry! We humans after all! Ur situation might be different from others ! So be very mindful

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It is best to talk with her in a heart-to-heart way. If she continues doing this, it will definitely shatter the relationship. In the first place, she does not need to disrespect you. It needs to stop. If she does not listen to you, it means she does not care and love you.
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Give her a taste of her own medicine. If she cannot figure out why, explain it to her. If she then wants to end things, be glad.
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I believe in giving people second chance to reflect on their behavior and change. Sometimes your girlfriend might be a spoil brat and you will have to teach her to respect yourself. So if you love her you must be tolerant for sometime and train her to respect.
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