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I am lonely. How do I find a girlfriend for me? I am a shy guy and need some tips
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Where is it laid down that if you are lonely, you have to find a girlfriend? There are other activities too to keep yourself engaged.
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You need to practice being friendly. If you are not friendly then some girls will think you are a snob or much more than that. Be nice when you are with girls. You should start from this to stop your shyness.
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What I would tell you is that nobody was born with boldness. It's something everyone of us learn as we grow. You just have to find a way to build your self confidence in being able to approach a girl boldly without being timid.

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Relationships and finding a partner is not an easy task. There are some people that are very shy like you and find it difficult to meet the right person. You basically will need to go out with your friends more. In the past, people found their partners in nightclubs. However, today they seem to like going online to dating sites to find the perfect partner.

You should try and go out more to a cyber cafe, join a gym, or join a co-ed sports team. These are all great ways to meet women and get to know them. Otherwise, if you have a dog, take it to a dog park and spend a few hours there with your dog. The dog parks are friendly and people will get to know you slowly. The more you go, the more people you'll meet. I take my two dogs to a dog park 4 times a weeks and have met so many really nice and interesting people. I was asked out for coffee on several occasions.
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It was also my husband's problem before. All you need is a mobile phone or laptop. You have to join on different dating sites in order for you to have interaction even just virtually. Chatting or texting through mobile phone will help you practice your skills as a real brave man. Nobody's going to laugh at you and no one's going to tease you.
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Relationship isn't an easy task and you just can't wake up one morning and say that you need a lover.Take your time first analyse what you want in a relationship and which kind of a relationship you want.

When you get that someone, analyse the person.You know what he is(kind, caring and loving), If he's that kind of a person who can still remain faithful to you and will stick by you in times of trouble.If the person has those kind of qualities then he's your perfect match.

The most important thing is are you ready for relationship?
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What I can advice you brother is that to take your time when it comes to girlfriend relationships. Most of the relationships don't easily work for most of my friends, they all end up breaking up without a proper reason. You are not alone I am also a shy one, but that does not mean none of them have not approached me, they have. Try always to know what they like most and what they like to do also.

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