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Dental implants are used when a tooth got damaged or severely decayed due to unhealthy oral habits. In such cases, dental implants are implanted with a dental crown which is a tooth-shaped cap fitted on to the teeth. It helps the teeth to grow and prevents from further decay or damage.

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Last month I had a digital dental implant surgery and got two crowns fixed on the front teeth.Dental replacements are the best tooth replacement option with new digital dental implant surgery. It is important to remember about the digital dental implant, you can have all the benefits of the traditional implant. It includes natural tooth structure, natural tooth function, no extra care, stimulates the jawbone to maintain the facial structure. The main benefit of a digital dental implant is that the procedure doesn't take too as like traditional implant methods which can take 130 minutes for two implants, instead, it will take only 15 minutes for two implants. The restoration time is about 5-7 days on digital dental implant but in a traditional method, it would take 132 days for restoration.

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