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Kids are really vulnerable and they thing that visiting to dentist is scary, but it's not. Let them know that the dentist need to check their teeth if there is dirt in it.

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I think taking a child to the dentist from an early age will get them used to it. I first took my granddaughter when she was two years and thankfully she has had to have very little treatment so she is not afraid to go. Your dentist can pick up any little problem areas early so that it doesn't become a big problem.  They should also be taught the importance of regular cleaning .. I have to nag my 11 year granddaughter constantly but hopefully before long she will do it without me having to prompt her.

I think a child who attends the dentist regularly will normally not suffer from anxiety but some do. I must admit I did as a child as I had very poor teeth and had to have lots of treatment which was sometimes painful. Dentistry was not as pain free as it is now and we knew it might involve discomfort. Make sure you choose a dentist that bonds with your child well as I think that always helps. If a child trusts him/her the visits will be less stressful and always explain to them that seeing the dentist is a good thing so that they will have beautiful teeth and a lovely smile when they grow up.
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