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I use only debit cards and I prefer it than credit cards. What do you think?
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Credit cards are helpful if used wisely. Otherwise, you may fall into debt trap.

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I also prefer debit cards. In fact, I do not own any credit card because I see no use for it. It is only credit If you critically look at it. When you have a credit card, it becomes another option for you other than your debit card and other money means. When they all run out, you'll look to it as an option.

I know sometimes there could be genuine need for the credit like in emergency  but other times it really isn't necessary. It only makes you spend extra money that you can actually do without and that means more debt and working harder to pay back. I don't think that I will ever get a credit card.
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sure they are ..some times you need a lot of money  to buy a new car or a new flat or something like this so that instead of carrying to much money in the page u can put them in your safe pocket another thing if u dropped your money while moving in the street or in the taxi or an any place in that case you will never get them back but if they are in your credit card you can easily call the bank to stop it and u will save all off your money and you will get them back.. if you are going to the shop market you should take a lot of money in your office you will need money >>every where  so instead oof carrying money with danger you can easily carry a credit card or a visa .
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I have both debit and credit cards but I try to use more of my debit card which I know it actually my money and I can spend without guilt.

Despite the advantages associated with owning a debit card I think having a credit card is also important, one can't be too sure of having money in one's account and in such situation the credit card comes in handy.

Credit card can be used to pick up urgent bills that might not have been possible with just the debit card,the credit card can help pay for expenses if we are broke and if stolen not much damage can be done, unlike the debit card which sometimes all ones savings might be attached to it.  

Having a credit card is also good.

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When I don't have money and my father was hospitalized, we used my credit cards which I am not touching ever since to pay the bills and to pay for his medicine in the pharmacy. I never thought that I could swipe my credit cards and that saves the life of my father. It was hard to pay those because I am not into paying the minimum every month because if I pay with minimum, I will be paying my credit cards for life. I have three credit cards that I used so imagine my struggle paying those monthly. Online earnings really helps a lot and I am thankful. i think during emergency and you don't have money, you can swipe your credit cards but it is not advisable if you want to just buy things that you don't really need. if you are open to paying in installment then do it.

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