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Human beings are said to be the only one of the living species having six senses. Humans have conquered many things  since they evolved on this planet and trying to conquer the space and other planets too. As  human beings, we have so much capabilities. We can use all those capabilities to make this world a better place to live in.

Unfortunately, that is not being done. If you observe the day to day happenings around the world, you can easily gauge how human energies, human talents and human knowledge are wasted in strikes and creating public nuisance, endangering the life of innocent people with all selfish motives. To say the least, many people do not have any regard for fellow human beings.
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I believe the most wasted human potential is our talent.Most of our God-given talents are yet to be tapped and a lot of people get to the grave with this untapped potentials.

Take a look at the world and some great inventors they were mostly school dropouts, what really made them outstanding was their raw talents,they had harnessed it for better use and today we are all enjoying what they had explored for the good of humanity, just being educated isn't enough in the world of ours or else we will just get stucked from what another used his or her talent to discover years ago.we need to harness ours and put it to work.

We will be dying with our potentials if we don't refined our raw talents and make the best use of it.
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For me, the biggest waste of human potential is not having a dreams to make come true. It is like existing on earth because you are a human being but bringing change to the world for the betterment of mankind is not a thing to you, you are such a waste. Specifically, if you are not planning about your life, you are literally planning to fail. Failure is not that should be stopping anyone from achieving their dreams in fact it should be the reason why you need to try again and persevere because there is something wrong with your plans. If you just live without life's philosophy, will not help preserving the environment, or even cleaning your own home you are such a big waste in this world. Everyone has a purpose and while we are breathing, we need to execute it.
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I think the biggest waste of human potential is drug and alcohol use. I should know because I have a close family member who was a heroin addict. It has destroyed his life even though he was very bright at school and could have gone a long way, Unfortunately people who are prone to addiction often substitute one for another. Since he gave up heroin he has turned to alcohol and I can see that he will never be any more than he is now.

If only we could see into the future and witness the consequences of our mistakes but some are more costly than others and there seems to be no going back from them. Drug and alcohol abuse are a scourge on our society. So many of those afflicted could be having a successful life if only they hadn't gone down such a rocky road.
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I believe the biggest waste of human potential is not dreaming at all. Not having wants and desires to improve current condition and becoming really comfortable with present situation. Having constant need for change brings about new ways and innovation of existing knowledge, it creates new ideas and methods. Necessity they say is the father of invention hence If you don't feel the need to change or improve on something, things will always remain the same.

There's so much ability in man. There's a huge part of our brain that is yet to be utilized. If we don't explore that part by making things happen then that is the biggest waste of potential. In my opinion, everyone should think about new ways to make society better. However little, it may be useful to someone out there.
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A talent that is not polished is a waste of potential. Talent is a gift given to all of us by our maker, and he expects us to develop and groom it for the benefit of ourselves and to humanity in general. Unfortunately, there are so many people in the world that has failed in this regard, they have discovered their talents but yet they are redundant with the use of such talents.

The bible was very unequivocal about waste of talents. There was a certain wealthy man(master) that gave out different talents to three individuals. The first he gave five, the second he gave two and the last he gave one. What he expected of them was for them to multiply the talents given to them. The first person traded with his and doubled the talent received, and the second also did same and double his too but the last person failed to make  use of his and he went and buried it, all in the name of it been too small. On the master return, he inquired from them how they have used the talents given them. They all narrated how they have fared with their talents. The first and second got commended for judicious use of theirs. When it got to the last, he claimed the talent he received was too small thus he went and buried it so that if the master come asking for it he would give it back him in the same measure he received it. For his action, his master despised him and took back his talent and drove me out of his presence calling him a waster of talent

The moral lesson is, we can all develop the unique talents given to us regardless of the amount of it we were given individually. The onus falls on us to do the needful in ensuring our talents don't turn out waste.

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