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Robotic Education Is the one of the new technology and then most of the likes this education. So I asked this question.
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Robotics training is treated as the best option for two reasons, pictorial explanations, loads of examples, accuracy etc. When you are learning through them you get a lot of new terms too which may be avoided by a teacher or a teacher may forget them but robots are no human beings they do not forget, they will be precise and to the point.
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Just becuase they have more fun than learning, students usually feels boring from long speechs or writing , also the new generation are ready to technology and gaming more than any other complicated topics such as mathematics or physics
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I would like to know where is this robotic education being done? Has it been legalized, as in is it part of a school curriculum, or is it something that someone just came up with. It looks like people have embraced it as it is. For me this is the first time i am hearing about it taking place. There was a debate about it amongst my friends and we all had different aspects about it. I am sure most kids would love this kind of learning because they will not be required to do a lot of work. Most of the work is going to be done by the robot. Am sure there will also be a way the robot will be made so that it may think for a child. For me i wouldn't really go for this kind of learning because it will make kids redundant, and very lazy. it shold not be introduced in schools, maybe it should just be there for fun and pass time that will definitely make sense.
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