To have a child is a blessing, but is it really important? 
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Interesting. Important for what? Previous times peasant families had lots of childs and there was a reason. They have to support their farm and chids were workers there even if lots of them died being very young. Nowdays it is maybe important for women. But I'm not a psychologist.
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Come what may for me with this matter. Since I am not married yet, I am open to not having a child in the future for me. It depends on the couple if they want to have a child or not.
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If such is important to you then it is important, and if it is not important to you then it ain't important...irregardless of who tries to convince you otherwise. I never like kids even when I was a kid, so I avoided having any, even though there were quite a few that tried fanatically to change my mind. I have no regrets. Not everyone is suited to be a parent, and not everyone is suited to be a lone wolf. In the end you have to know yourself enough to be true to your self.
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It higher sense of life satisfaction if you have a child than those people who don't have a child. Having children makes your emotional experiences more intense than if you don't have them. 
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It is not really important but the company is, children really bring hapiness and joy to you. But sometimes when they get older they may not be close to you as before or may have. When you get older your children can help you financially or even be there for your during your tough times. But it really depends how your children are since there are some who can't help you or they can't be there for you. 
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It is not really important if you have your reasons but what would your husband say. If you choose not to marry you might be opting for a very lonely life.
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