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I am now in my sixties and although I don't like to think about it old age is creeping up on me fast.  My mother paid for her funeral through a plan which various companies offer so that when it was her time it made it very easy for my sister and I to cope with the arrangements. I am doing the same because as time goes on funeral costs are becoming very expensive and a plan will freeze the cost and make it simple for my loved ones to deal with.   What do you think of them and will you take one out when the time comes?
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I don't thinks so if it is a good idea. In my oppinion palning for death is a absurd. 

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No one knows for sure when the time might come. Could be any hour. It is definitely a good idea to take one when you can and plan for what is inevitable eventually. Again, nobody plans to die but you should plan for a funeral when you can. It is not just going to be for you but for your loved ones as well. You'll help them to lessen the burden of arrangements that would have been otherwise hectic especially when they aren't really up for it. 

Funerals for us here is very simple though and doesn't require any formal arrangements. You are being laid to rest by the immediate people around as soon as you are confirmed dead. Condolences follow later. The only thing to consider is writing a will and putting all your affairs in order so that the right people can handle it. 
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It's interesting to know how death is dealt with in other countries. It sounds far less formal in your country.
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Oh yes it very much is less formal. It is just a rite that is performed with the littlest of people. Though other parts of the country have it differently. Some organize elaborate events with a lot of drinking and dancing to celebrate the passing of a loved one. 
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I think, it's wise to take a plan ahead of time. 

Someone's demise is painful, but the sympathy towards the deceased goes away when the burden of funeral surfaces. :) Death is uncertain. You never know when it could strike. Sometimes, it may not give you the time to prepare for the next. All of a sudden, it could come as a jolt to your loved ones. A funeral plan might come handy at such point of uncertainty. People after you will be relieved to know that they don't need to pay anything out of pocket, especially when the funeral arrangements are not so affordable.  Afterwards, you'll forever remain in their good memories for not being a burden even in death.

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I will have to agree with you,having a plan in place will really help those one leave behind to move swiftly with the burial arrangement because there's already a plan on ground for use.
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You don't know exactly when you'll die. Maybe you'll live upto 120 years like my grandma. What I can suggest is, as long as the plan doesn't expire, then you can go ahead and make the plans so that you can make things easier as well. The only problem on planning funeral plans in future are financial constraints. Or maybe you can keep that money in the bank and make your children be aware of it. Starting plans now might sound very weird especially to lots of people and they'll start thinking about lots of things and even think that you're about to die.

What you can do at the moment is, write a will, distribute your wealth amongst your children plus other properties. Then indicate somewhere that when you die, where and how you should be buried. I bet this will be quite enough and will even make the work easier.

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If you want to be buried and have special arrangements when you die this is very important to start making the arrangements now. Like you said the cost of being buried has increased so much over the years. It is very expensive and when a person passes away the family has a hard time to find the money necessary to bury them.

I have never considered this because I don't want to be put in the ground. I bought a plan years ago when my father died and we had him cremated. My mom's name, mine, and my two brothers were put on this plan. If anyone of us dies the plan is paid for and all they need to do is to buy the vase to put our ashes in it. This is a very economical way of being disposed of and this is how all of my family has been disposed of. We don't believe in being buried in the ground. 
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My mother was cremated but she still had a funeral plan and we still have her ashes in an urn (even though it has been more than 3 years since she passed!) My sister decorates the urn on her birthday and at Christmas time!
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As I get older, I realized that on the first job I had, I should started Insurance with investment. I didn't realized that I will be needing it. When my father died, i was like in shock, did not know what to do. If I already insured them, I should be hurting for the loss but not on how to make everything possible during those times. It is always right to plan of getting insurance and funeral plan. Imagine what will happen to your loved one when you are gone. It is so sad if you are the income generator in the family, what will happen to them when you died? You cannot avoid dead as it will happen to all of us, but you can lessen the pain and the heaviness when you plan it.

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