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We all know that we will be no more at some point in time but it's still a mystery if what happens to us after death? Is there any Afterlife or anything like that? Do we get another life seeing our Good deeds? Do we get the punishment of doing wrong deeds during our lifetime? 

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I'm not a religious person but I don't believe it's the end when we die. I hope that when it comes to the end, if I am to be judged,  it will be on how well I've conducted my life and whether I've been a good person and not whether I went to church every Sunday.

I like to think there is something after this life but even if there isn't we won't know anything about it, there will be no pain or suffering. It's possible we could be reincarnated into another body, some religions believe that and I wouldn't rule it out especially as I have read reports about children remembering past lives but I would love to think that I could be a spirit guide and help those I have left behind on this earth, That's what I want to believe as I sometimes feel that my parents help me with tough decisions since they passed on.
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What happens to us when we die, I think we are just sleeping in our grave. We do not know what is happening around. I mostly think we are not in somewhere place, like purgatory or even a place that is dark foggy and cold. I think we are just sleeping and we will be awaken once the judgement day is about to happen. We will be given a soul and judge together with the living. When God choose the one that will be with him in Heaven and if we are included, we will all be with him, while those deserve to be burn will be burn. Physically, after death, once our body has no soul, all the liquids will all come out after 3 hours and our body will start to decompose. This is such a sad answer because I saw my father's body when he died and I was even there in the morgue to look after him.

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